Physical Education

PE: Intent and Aims for Learning

The aim of Physical Education (PE) at Sexey’s School is to encourage students to be physically active and to promote lifelong participation in sporting activities in both the competitive and recreational sectors.

Being physically active is the most important factor in maintaining a healthy active lifestyle; our aim is that Sexey’s students will be guided through a range of activity areas with the hope that they will choose to engage in at least one as part of our extra-curricular programme and we actively encourage students to join clubs outside of school.

Key Stage 3 PE: Years 7-9

Mass participation is key and students are encouraged to not only learn the basic skills required to play sporting activities but also the rules, coaching points and umpiring/refereeing.

All students in Years 7-9 have two hours of PE per week and follow a broad and balanced curriculum. Traditional games like football, rugby, netball, tennis, badminton, basketball and hockey are taught through games-related activities; conditioned games, small-sided games and ultimately in the full version so that students can understand the principles involved in competitive play.

Life skills such as communication, cooperation, problem solving and interpersonal skills are also fundamental to every lesson and students are encouraged to be involved in class discussions though evaluation and analysis of performance and appreciating their individual and peer strengths and areas for development.

Individual skills practices are included in preparation for the competitive aspects; swimming, athletics and fitness balance the curriculum so that the vital areas of speed, strength, stamina, flexibility and skill all have opportunities to develop. Aesthetic qualities are experienced through dance activities.

Classes are mixed ability and staff differentiate their lessons through task, feedback & equipment.


Assessment is based on Levels 9-1; students are being assessed in all lessons and will be given feedback on their performance within the lesson. Each unit will have an ‘assessment lesson’ where students will apply the skills, tactics and techniques into isolated, conditioned and competitive play and performances. Details of assessment criteria for Key Stage 3 can be found here.

Core PE in Key Stage 4: Years 10 and 11

You will have approximately three lessons of Core PE per fortnight.

The emphasis at Key Stage 4 (Year 10 & 11) is on participation, promoting a healthy active lifestyle and giving you the opportunity to exercise safely and promoting lifelong participation in sport and fitness. It is extremely important to use your PE lessons as a break away from academic study, these lessons are especially important in exam time.

Each class will study an activity for 6 weeks however our KS4 curriculum is extremely flexible and can alter depending on the cohort. Classes are based around competitive and recreational sport. Competitive pathways include traditional games and fixtures. All GCSE PE students are expected to be in the competitive pathways.

The recreation pathways have an element of traditional games mixed with recreational activities. Pupils are welcome to suggest new activities providing we have the facilities and staff to provide them.

The PE department have the same expectations of KS4 students regarding kit and behaviour and all pupils must bring kit regardless of illness or injury as you will always be given a role within the lesson.


This is an optional subject starting Sept 22

At GCSE PE is a linear qualification where all students will take their exam and non-exam assessment at the end of the course.

Subject content

  • Applied anatomy and physiology
  • Movement analysis
  • Physical training
  • Use of data
  • Sports psychology
  • Socio-cultural influences
  • Health fitness and well-being

You will sit TWO exam papers and have one non-exam assessment.

In Paper One you are assessed on applied anatomy and physiology, movement analysis, physical training and the use of data.

Paper Two assesses sports psychology, socio-cultural influences and health, fitness and well-being. Both exams are 1 hour and 15 minutes long. Both have 78 marks available and are worth 30% each.

The exams are 60% of your total grade.

Non-exam assessment (practical)

This is your practical performance in THREE different activities, this must be a mixture of team and individual sports. The non-exam assessment is assessed by your PE teachers in core and GCSE PE lessons. It is then moderated by the exam board-AQA. By the time you get to Year 11 you will have been assessed in over 8 activity areas within school, your best three scores will be the ones that will go forward. It is advisable to look at the specification so that you can see what activities are on offer, there are some that we can assess outside of school. For example, horse riding and skiing. You will also complete a piece of coursework based on one of your three activity areas. In this area you must show how well you can analyse and evaluate performance. This is worth 100 marks and is 40% of your final grade.

Who would it suit?

The course would suit those who have an interest in sport and physical activity, pupils who represent the school in numerous sports will find that the practical aspect is well suited to them. The theory (60% of final grade) is closely linked to biology and fitness. This is an excellent course for those who want to study A level PE, Btec Sport and Exercise Science or other sport related accredited courses. It is a good foundation for any pupils thinking about careers in sport, the health profession or public sector.

Extra curricular Clubs and School Sport

We offer an extensive extra-curricular programme at Sexey’s School and all students are encouraged to attend training and play for school teams. We have clubs available Monday-Thursday.

Matches/fixtures are held after school. We enter our teams into the local leagues against other state schools as well as playing friendly matches against Millfield Prep, All Hallows, Millfield, Stonar, Dauntsey’s, Bruton School for Girls, Kings, Kings Taunton, Beechen Cliff and Marlborough College.

Students also have the opportunity to attend swimming on Mondays 4-5pm or Badminton and Self Defence on Thursday 4-5pm. These sessions are run by external coaches and have a small fee attached to them.

As we are a small department we always welcome any parent volunteers to assist with coaching or officiating. If you have any coaching qualifications we would love to hear from you!

Special Educational Needs and Disability Opportunities/Support

• High-quality teaching
• Differentiated work and assessment
• Specialist equipment
• Groups
• Exam Access Arrangements with extra time for KS4 and KS5
• Additional intervention and support with TA
• Seating plan for KS4
• Somerset School Games access competitions

Staff List

• Mrs Katie Johnstone Head of Faculty-Creative Arts and Sport
• Mr David Bomani
• Miss Grace Baker
• Mr J Moise

Judo in sports hall


All pupils are expected to wear the appropriate kit to take part in PE. The kit list for each individual activity can be found in the table below.


In addition to the essential items the PE department have worked with Stevenson’s and produced some items which will allow them to be more comfortable in the winter and summer months.

Boys kitGirls Kit
Sexey’s Reversible House Games TopSexey’s black polo shirt
Sexey’s black Rugby shortsSexey’s black skort
Sexey’s colour house t-shirt (athletics, cross country and inter-house games competitions)Plain black shorts-no logo
School games socksSexey’s colour house t-shirt (athletics, cross country and inter-house games competitions)
White socksSchool games socks
Trainers suitable for sportWhite socks
Football/rugby bootsTrainers suitable for sport
Shin pads Football/rugby boots*
Gum shieldShin pads
Sexey’s mid layer**Gum shield
Plain black base layers*Sexey’s mid layer**
Sexey’s black tracksuit bottoms Plain black base layers*
Sexey’s rain jacket**Sexey’s leggings or tracksuit bottoms**
Plain black shorts for footballSexey’s rain jacket**
Black swimming shorts (Yr7, 8, 9 only) ***Black swimming costume (Yr7, 8, 9 only) ***
Sexey’s swim cap (Yr7, 8, 9 only) ***Sexey’s swim cap (Yr7, 8, 9 only) ***

Kit is required for all PE lessons; even if your child is ‘off games’ with a letter from yourself or the Health Centre (boarders). They are required to get changed and will be given another role within the sport such as an official or coach. This ensures that students do not miss out on any information and can still access the curriculum. Any persistent injuries should be followed up with a doctor’s note. Please do inform staff via email or a letter.

What if my child forgets their kit?

If a child forgets their kit then they will be issued with a detention which will be at break or lunch. If they forget an item of kit then they will receive a kit mark. Three kit marks in any one half term will result in a detention.

It is the student’s responsibility to be organised for the activities and to look after their kit. It also helps if kit is named and students have a padlock on their kit bag or use one of the lockers.

Students should try and find alternative kit if they have misplaced an item, we have a very limited supply of kit to ‘hand out’ and students should not rely on this.

All students are aware of the department policy regarding kit, illness and injury.

Health and safety: inhalers, jewellery and hair

Any medical requirements such as inhalers and epi-pens should be carried by the student to all PE lessons, clubs and fixtures. If hair is long enough to fall in the face then it must be tied back. There are no exceptions to this rule when participating in lessons, extra-curricular clubs or fixtures. This applies to all students.

All jewellery must be removed and we ask that ears are only pierced in the summer holiday. Students should be able to remove their own jewellery prior to any lesson.

The PE department are not responsible for the loss of any items or piercings closing up over the course of the lesson. A letter is required from parents stating that they will take responsibility should they ignore the advice. Students must also provide their own tape.

Earrings are not permitted in competitive netball, rugby or football under any circumstance.

Updated March 2022