Boarding at Sexey's Sixth Form

Particularly for students considering boarding, Sexey’s School is a great choice. The sense of community and belonging is striking within Sixth Form boarding, and there are so many people looking out for you and always around for a chat.

Alannah Travers, Sixth Form boarder, previously at Uffculme School

Since our students have all kinds of different needs, we have flexibility within our boarding. A number of our Sixth Formers board full time, and enjoy a full weekend programme of activities if they would like to take part. Others are weekly boarders. Some don’t board at all – it is an added benefit to the school, not a requirement.

As a Church of England state school, tuition is free. However, fees for coming to Sexey’s Sixth Form as a boarder are payable to cover living costs and the upkeep of your ‘home from home’. Sixth Form Common Room Macmillan boarding house

The Sixth Form boarding houses at Sexey’s School are co-educational and staffed accordingly with Houseparents, pastoral support staff and qualified nursing team. You will have plenty to do, with a huge range of social events in house, in school and on organised trips or visits. Our Sixth Form students have their own common room areas to relax with your peers, but you can also socialise with the younger year groups if you wish.

Boarding provides the opportunity for A Level students to become more independent and as such is a good transition between school and university life. Opportunities for inter-personal and leadership skills are enhanced as most boarders take on some degree of responsibility for others and for the management of school activities, such as homework, competitive inter-house events and peer helping.

Sixth Form boarding at Sexey’s School provides an excellent preparation for university life on the social as well as the academic and extra-curricular side.

Please speak to our Admissions Officer  for more information on the process for securing your boarding place.