Travel arrangements

Even though it is parents’ responsibility to get students to and from school, the school assists in making travel arrangements to airports and train stations so that students may share transport where possible. However, this applies only at the ¼ term, ½ term, ¾ term breaks and at the end of term. It does not apply to travel to appointments (however if the appointment has been made by the Health Centre travel will be arranged) or to weekly boarders’ travel, other than at the official exeats. Any travel arrangements not made by the school are the responsibility of the parent and payments for such arrangements must be made direct to the travel company.

It is expected that parents try to arrange travel times after the normal school day i.e. 3.40pm to avoid unauthorised absences, but if this is not possible, then any student leaving or arriving outside of the accepted times (7.00am and before 6.00pm and the arrival times are after 6.00pm and before 8.30pm) should go to their guardian so as not to disrupt the boarding house.

We can obtain train tickets for children (single or return but not advance booking tickets) and arrange transport to and from the various stations in and around Bruton. These stations are Bruton, Castle Cary and Templecombe. However the school only meets specific trains and if parents wish their children to travel on a train not met by the school transport, then it is their responsibility to make arrangements for their child’s return to school.

The procedure for obtaining tickets is that the student completes a Ticket Request Form in the boarding house, which are then brought to Mrs Sam Brownlow (Travel Co-ordinator) who will obtain the train tickets based on the request. If only transport to and from the station is required, then the student needs to complete the form, indicating that transport only is required. This means that students need to know what their travel arrangements are by Monday, or Tuesday at the latest, to enable them to book transport/tickets.

Shortly afterwards notices go up showing the ticket requests and students are expected to check that these are correct. Tickets are purchased and are distributed to the house prior to departure. The departure stations, timings of the outward journey, arrival stations and arrival time of the return journey are all itemised on the envelope with the train tickets.

Timings of pick up from various houses (or coach lay-by) also go up on in school and in the boarding houses and students are expected to be ready at these times. Similarly, if transport from a station is booked, it is expected that students will be there for collection. If, for whatever reason, a student is not returning when expected, leave a message with the relevant boarding house. If your child does not arrive as expected and no messages have been left, a charge will be levied.

Flight/Bus/Coach Tickets
The school does not purchase these.

We can arrange taxis to the airports if parents wish. Should more than one student be travelling at the same time, the school tries to arrange for students to travel together, thus sharing the cost of the taxi between the students. However, it is not the school’s responsibility to arrange travel back from airports, the reason being that should there be any difficulties or delays with flights the office is not manned to inform the relevant taxi firms. However, if we know details of return flights we do make the taxi bookings, but parents must be aware it is their responsibility to contact the taxi firm direct if there are any problems. Transport to airports will only normally be arranged on the last school day so as to minimise unauthorised absences.

We use a number of taxi firms. The cost of travel may only be put on account at exeat weekends, you must pay direct to the taxi firm for travel at other times. These firms are as follows:-

  • Bruton & Mendip Taxis: 07984 465864
  • Chinnock Taxis: 07703 068878
  • Destination Travel: 01963 34441
  • Elite Taxis: 07566 855007

Cost of travel (school transport and/or taxis) will appear on students’ activities account at the end of term.

Should you have any queries, please contact our Travel Co-ordinator, Mrs Sam Brownlow, either on her direct line 01749 813393 or by e-mail to

Updated August 2018