Personal, social, health, relationships and sex education (PSHRE)

Lower school Personal, Social, Health, Relationships and Sex Education (PSHRE) is taught for one period per fortnight. In addition, aspects are also covered in in tutor time and through ‘drop down days’, external speaker visits and assemblies.

In lessons and tutor time, students are given an opportunity to learn and discuss a broad range of topics and issues, under the headings of Celebrating Diversity and Equality, Health and Wellbeing, Life Beyond School, Relationship and Sex Education, Rights, Staying Safe Online and Offline, Responsibilities and British Values.

The following table provides an overview of PSHRE topics studied in Lower School. The topics in bright green are statutory topics that need to be studied over the Key Stage. Many of the non-statutory topics will also be covered in lessons, tutor times, external speaker visits and ‘drop down days’.

PSHRE Overview Spreadsheet

Tutor Time and School Assemblies

To complement our PSHRE sessions, Tutors work with students on a variety of connected topics. These themes are explored further in our school assemblies:

WeekSLT Assembly ThemeTheme for Year Assemblies and Tutor Time
1Beginnings, Ethos and ExpectationsReconnecting , Beginnings, Ethos and Expectations
2Beginnings, Ethos and ExpectationsReconnecting , Beginnings, Ethos and Expectations
3Celebrating DifferencesPeace and Reconcilliation
4Celebrating DifferencesBlack History Month
5Food WasteSpace
6Food WasteHomelessness
7My Favourite ScientistPoverty
8My Favourite ScientistCelebrating Science
9Mary SeacoleAnti-Bullying Week
10Mary SeacoleDisability
11Why I like ChristmasSlavery
12Why I like ChristmasAdvent
WeekSLT Assembly ThemeTheme for Year Assemblies and Tutor Time
15Fighting for a causeThe Universe
16Fighting for a causeHolocaust
17Look after yourselfLGBTQ+ History Month
18Look after yourselfChildren's Mental Health
19Going WithoutWhy Lent?
20Going WithoutBooks
21My Favourite PoemWomen in History
22My Favourite PoemRacial Discrimination
24WaterAutism Awareness
Week SLT Assembly ThemeTheme for Year Assemblies and Tutor Time
25Stephen LawrenceProtecting the Planet
26Stephen LawrenceFreedom of Speech
27Don't Believe Everything You ReadKeeping Fit
28Don't Believe Everything You ReadVE Day
29My Favourite Historical ObjectGenderphobia
30My Favourite Historical ObjectGypsy, Roma and Traveller History
31Millicent Garrett FawcettClimate Change
32Millicent Garrett FawcettOceans
33Millicent Garrett FawcettRefugees
34Alan TuringMusic
35Alan TuringArt
36Goodbyes and Moving OnGoodbyes and Moving On

Additional topics for Tutor Time throughout the year include Resilience, Wellbeing, Current Affairs and Community. These are also linked to our School Seven Core Values.