What is state boarding?

State boarding schools provide high quality boarding at the lowest possible cost.  Parents pay only the cost of boarding as education is covered by the state. This means that rather than paying £30,000+ a year for an independent boarding school, you would probably be paying around £15,000 a year at a state boarding school.

Sexey’s is one of the best value for money boarding schools in the country, having fees below most of the other state boarding schools.

Smiling female student at Sexey's School

Why should parents consider a state boarding education?

  • Excellent results: Each year, state boarding schools regularly out-perform other state schools with many topping academic league tables around the country. The combination of the excellent state-funded education and a stable boarding community enables students to make the most of their talents and abilities.
  • The best of boarding care: Increasingly, parents are considering state boarding schools ahead of boarding in the independent sector as they see they can get the education, facilities and pastoral care they are seeking for a fraction of the cost.
  • Independence: Students gain in self-confidence and learn to cope for themselves in a supportive environment.
  • Convenience: In couples where both partners are at work, weekly boarding can assist family life. With the children being looked after at school in the week and getting  their work done, they can come home on Friday afternoon and look forward to quality family time through to Sunday night or Monday morning. Many of the boarders describe improved relationships with their parents and siblings due to this arrangement.
  • Preventing isolation: Students living in small hamlets and villages are often isolated from their school friends when they go home or require a chauffeur to allow them to maintain their friends and attend activities. Boarders have a ready-made group of people their own age to make friends with and there is always a group of people with similar interests.

Further information about state boarding can be read on the State Boarding Forum website here.