Student Passport

The Sexey’s student passport give you the opportunity to celebrate the wonderful achievements, hobbies and interests that you have outside of the classroom.

It is also designed to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try new things and embrace new challenges.

What is included in Sexey’s Student Passport?

The student passport is made up of Seven areas – each one celebrating an achievement, hobby or interest.

  • Our Seven Core Values
  • Participation in Activities (in and out of school)
  • Representation
  • Volunteering
  • Charity Work
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • New Interest or Hobby
  • Career

You can celebrate an achievement and collect a stamp in your passport by completing an activity from the list detailed in the image below:

How it works?

Every time you complete an achievement you will need to ensure it is logged on your passport to count towards your award total. You can do this by:

  • Logging your achievements on ClassCharts yourself
  • You can ask your Form Tutor to log your achievements, or
  • Ask your parents to log your out of school achievements

Opportunities to celebrate your achievements

Their are four awards you can achieve starting from the Bronze Award to the Platinum Award:

  • Bronze Award – 10 challenges completed
  • Silver Award – 15 challenges completed
  • Gold Award – 20 challenges completed
  • Platinum Award – 25 challenges completed

An example of how a student has completed the Bronze Award. Sophie has…

  1. Asked her parents to log that she has completed 6 x 1 hour of volunteering in her local community
  2. Gained her Kindness badge
  3. Gained her Empathy badge
  4. Represented her House in the Bint Shield Omelette challenge which she asked her Form Tutor to log
  5. Attends Bruton Hockey Club, which her Parents logged for her
  6. Is Form Representative and this was logged
  7. Played in the school Netball Team and self-logged this
  8. Researched a career and future job and self-logged this
  9. Helped other students to fundraise, logged by Head of Year
  10. Was in the school play and self-logged this

Next steps….

  • Look at the challenges and see what you have already achieved and can get completed
  • Start self-logging
  • Ask your parents to log if it is an out of school challenge
  • As your Tutors to log if they have seen you do something or you have shared with them what you have done


We look forward to seeing all your achievements and celebrating these with you.