Sixth Form Attendance procedure

In order for a student to make maximum academic progress and social and emotional development they should attend school daily. Each day missed results in missed learning opportunities. As a school we set our students the attendance target of 95%; many students exceed this. However we understand that at times people are ill and unable to attend school. To support you in reporting your son or daughter’s absence we have established a number of ways for you to do this.

When reporting your son or daughter’s absence, it is essential that you share with us the following information:-

  • Student’s name
  • Student’s tutor group and
  • Reason for absence

Please can we ask that you notify us as soon as possible about any absence, before 8:40am, using one of the following methods:

  • Email us on
  • Call 01749 813393 and press number 1. Please be aware that periods of absence notified via voicemail/phone call must be followed up in writing either by an email or a letter from a parent/guardian on their child’s return. A sickness absence cannot be authorised until an explanatory letter has been received, and authorised absence needs to have medical evidence such as a doctor’s note.

If your overall attendance figure drops below 90% without medical evidence to support this and/or completion of work has not been achieved sufficiently when you are in Year 13, then Sexey’s School and the Sixth Form reserves the right to ask each individual student to pay for their own exam entry. Without attending lessons and completing set work, you are limiting your chances of success, hampering progression into employment or Higher Education. We will support you throughout your time at Sexey’s – please ensure that you speak to your Tutor, Head of Year or Director of Sixth Form if you are worried or concerned about anything.

Signing In and Out of School – It is a legal requirement that we know who is in the school building at all times. Students must make sure that they sign in each time they enter School then sign out each time they leave the School throughout the day. Sixth Form students may sign out at lunchtimes, and there is a reward system in place to allow home study to take place when a student has an attendance figure of 95% or higher. If any student fails to sign in and out appropriately, or take advantage of the system in anyway, this arrangement will be retracted and the student will be required to remain in school, all day, every day.

Planned Absences – We ask you to avoid booking medical appointments during the school day, however we are aware that at times this is not possible. For planned absences from school or lessons, such as dental/medical appointments or other legitimate reasons, you should provide an appointment card, letter or signed compliments slip from the dentist/hospital confirming your appointment. If this is not provided then unfortunately we are unable to authorise the absence.

Driving Lessons – Driving lessons may only be booked in free periods or lunch hour, not during lesson time or sixth form games. In the event of a student’s attendance falling below and acceptable level of 95%, parents will be contacted and in some cases strategies such as an attendance report card will be implemented to support the student.

Health Centre – Students may not sign themselves out home if they feel unwell. The Health Centre must deem the student unfit to be in School in order to be sent home with illness. Day students may only attend the Health Centre at break time and lunch time, unless it is an emergency or have a known condition. Boarders may go to the Health centre at 8am, break time, lunchtime and after school.

Term time Leave – We ask that Parents do not ask for leave during term time. Should leave be required you must seek permission prior to taking the leave. A sixth form term-time leave application form is available here. This should be completed and sent to the Attendance Officer  or passed to the school reception. If leave is requested in term time, the school holds the right to not authorise this absence in line with School and Government Policy.

Thank you for your support in ensuring we are made aware of any absences for your son/daughter at your earliest convenience.