Special Educational Needs at Sexey’s School

At Sexey’s, we believe that all young people should be able to achieve their very best. Some students need additional support to learn effectively; this is often known as Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). We are committed to supporting students with SEND to achieve exceptional outcomes so that they can thrive in education, the wider community and in their chosen future.

We hold a record of students in receipt of learning support which is additional to or different from their peers. This includes students with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) as well as those in receipt of SEN support. We work collaboratively with the young people themselves, their teachers, their parents and carers as well as outside agencies to ensure that students have access to support which meets their individual needs.

As a mainstream secondary school, the majority of student’s needs are met through universal provision as part of inclusive, high-quality teaching within Sexey’s 5-part lesson structure. Some students may require additional short-term interventions or specialised provision within their school day.

SEND Information Report

Sexey’s School SEND Information Report includes details about the provision available at Sexey’s School including:

  • SEND which are provided for
  • Identifying and assessing young people with SEND
  • Supporting young people with SEND
  • Facilities to support young people with SEND
  • Support to improve the social, emotional and mental health of young people with SEND
  • Arrangements for consulting with young people with SEND
  • Arrangements for consulting with parents
  • Supporting young people transferring to Sexey’s School
  • Supporting young people transferring from Sexey’s School to their next setting or to adulthood

Who can I contact for further information ?

SENDCO – Ruth Dunford

The SEND contact flowchart shows key points of contact for parents and carers

Somerset’s SEND Local Offer is our local hub of information and guidance for children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), their families and professionals in Somerset.  Explore services available to support you and how to access them.

Somerset SENDIAS provide children, young people and their parents and/or carers advice and support about SEND

Somerset Parent Carers Forum welcome parents of children and young people with SEND to join their network

SEND documents and Policies

SEND Information Report

SEND Policy

SEND Trust Statement

Accessibility Plan


Updated January 2024