Health and Safety Policies

This policy includes access to school premises by people outside of the school, security, access control, workplace safety and lone working policy.

This policy details how the centre deals with an emergency evacuation by defining staff roles and responsibilities and confirming the emergency evacuation procedure.

A critical incident is an abnormal, unpredictable or unforeseen situation, which is beyond the scope of the everyday operation of the school.

Driving a minibus safely and in a professional manner is not difficult, but it does demand greater responsibility. Preparation is essential and staff must always present the highest standards to their passengers and other road users.

This guidance is applicable to all those with responsibility for developing and implementing risk management strategy and undertaking risk assessments for activities which are under their control.

The policy aims to:

1. Promote and maintain a healthy environment for all who use the school and in doing so to provide consistent messages and role models to pupils.

2. Actively discourage young people from starting or continuing to smoke.

This Policy has been updated as part of our school re-opening risk assessment (Sept 2020) and covers the process for visiting Sexey’s School to limit contact between visitors and staff/students.