Weekly Menus

At Sexey’s, where possible, we use the finest local produce, with suppliers based within a 20 mile radius. Our Chefs pride themselves on cooking fresh daily produce to create delicious meals for our students.

We strive to create a balanced diet and incorporate gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan meals as standard on our menus.

All dishes are subject to availability and may change without notice

Menus change on a three week cycle, each new term will always start at Week 1, there will be no change of cycle for half term breaks.

Menu Abbreviations

N - Contains NutsSD - Sulphur Dioxide P - Peanuts
E - Eggs M - MilkCR - Crustaceans
MOL - Molluscs MUS - Mustard   S - Soybeans
L - LupinF - FishSE - Sesame Seeds
C - CeleryG - Cereals containing Gluten   

Summer Menu Week 1

MondayChicken parmigiana (G) or Macaroni cheese with bacon (G,M)
Vegetarian Macaroni cheese (G,M) or Vegetarian /vegan hot dog (G)
Spaghetti (G), garlic bread (G,M,S) and salad
Turkey burgers(G,M,S) or Frankfurter hot dogs (G)
Vegetarian/Vegan hot dog (G)
Sweet potato fries, salad
TuesdayKatsu chicken curry (M,G) or Hoisin beef (G,MUS,S)
Vegetable/Vegan curry
Rice and naan bread (G)
Spicy chicken kebabs (M,G,S,C,MUS,SD) or Diced pork kebabs (M,G,S,C,MUS,SD)
Vegetable kebabs (M,G,S,C,MUS,SD)
Summer vegetable couscous (G) and roasted vegetables
WednesdayPloughman's Lunch (Gammon or Turkey)
Breaded brie (G,M,E)
Roast potatoes, assorted salads and pasta (G,E)
BBQ Boneless chicken thighs (S,SD,C,M,MUS,G) or Garlic and rosemary lamb chops
Stuffed pepper
Herb diced potatoes (G) coleslaw and corn on the cob
ThursdayPulled pork or Chilli con carne
Vegetable/Vegan chilli
Braised rice, tacos (G) & assorted dips
Crispy sesame chicken with Asian Sauce (G,M,SE,E,S) or Breaded Prawns with Sweet Chilli (CR,F,G)
Vegetable spring rolls (G,C,MUS,S,SE), Vegetable stir fry (S)
Garlic and soy noodles (GE,S,G), Prawn crackers (CR,SD), Vegetable Stir fry (S)
FridayBattered cod goujons (G,M,E,F) or Chicken Kiev (G,M,S)
Fishless Fillets (M,G)
Chips, crushed peas, salad
Chinese pork loin (M,G,S,C,MUS,SD) or Marinated Chicken wings (M,G,S,C,MUS,SD)
Marinated Quorn fillet (M,G,S,C,MUS,SD)
New potatoes, Seasonal vegetables
SaturdayAssorted cold baguettes (G) or
Vegetable filled baguettes (G)
with assorted crisps (G,M,S) and ice cream (M)
Surf and turf or Rump steak/scampi (G,M,E,CR,F,MOL)
Portobello stuffed mushroom (G)
Onion rings (G), grilled mushroom/tomato and saute potato
SundayAssorted pizza (G,M)
Jackfruit pizza (G)
Twister Fries (G), assorted salads and coleslaw
Roast chicken or Roasted salmon (F)
Vegetable tart (G)
roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables and gravy

Summer Menu Week 2

MondayBBQ chicken thighs (M,G,S,C,MUS,SD) or Piri Piri pork loin (M,G,S,C,MUS,SD)
Marinated Quorn Fillet (M,G,S,C,MUS,SD)
Mixed salad, Seasonal vegetables, Roasted new potato

Chicken fajita wrap (G) or Beef kofta pitta (G)
Fajita vegetables and Quorn pieces wrap (G)
Braised rice, Sour cream (M), Mixed salad
TuesdaySausages of the day (G) or Chicken breast
Vegetarian sausage
Mashed potato, Seasonal vegetables, Gravy

Chicken nuggets (G, C,E,M) or Breaded brie (G,M,E)
Vegetable nuggets (G)
Chips, Spaghetti hoops (G), Mixed salad

WednesdayPloughman’s lunch
Gammon or chicken
Vegetable pie
Roast potatoes, assorted salads (G,E), Mixed salad
Teriyaki salmon (S) or Chinese chicken (M,G,S,C,MUS,SD)
Chinese tofu vegetable stir fry
Noodles (E,G) Vegetable stir fry, Sugar snaps
ThursdayCreamy chicken pasta bake (G,M) or Beef lasagne (G)
Vegetable lasagne (G)
Garlic bread (G,S,M), mixed salad
Hot and spicy Curry of the week or Mild creamy Curry of the week (M)
Vegetable Curry
Boiled rice, Vegetable samosas (G), Mango chutney
FridayFishcake burger (M,F,MUS) or Chicken burger (G)
Vegetable burger (M)
Chips, sweetcorn, peas
Salmon en croute (G) or Pork loin
Vegetable wellington (G)
Mash potato, Seasonal vegetables
SaturdayHot sausage rolls (G)
Cheese and onion bake (G,M)
French fries and ice creams (M)
BBQ pork ribs or Hot and spicy chicken wings (S,M,G,C,E,C)
Spicy bean burger (G)
Potato wedges, Mixed salad
SundayAssorted Filled baguettes Wraps (G,F)
Humous and vegetable baguettes (G)
Crisps and chocolate bars
Roast chicken or Roast pork
Quorn roast joint
Roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables and gravy

Summer Menu Week 3

MondayItalian beef meatballs or Creamy chicken pasta bake (G,M)
Italian falafel meatballs (G,S)
Spaghetti (G), Garlic bread (G,S,M)
Assorted summer salad
Pulled pork BBQ burger (G) or Beef and bacon burger
Halloumi burger (M,G)
Burger bun (G), Jolloff fries, salad
TuesdaySweet and sour crispy chicken(G,M,E) or Crispy duck spring rolls (G,S,SE,SD)
Honey and ginger sauce (GS)
Vegetable/vegan spring rolls (G,S,C)
Noodles (G,E), Stir fry vegetables, Prawn crackers(CR,SD)
Spicy turkey escalope’s(G) or marinated chicken breast (M,G.S.C.MUS,SD)
Spicy tofu/couscous (G)
Mash potato, Seasonal vegetables
WednesdayPloughman’s lunch - Beef or Chicken
Assorted cheese (M) board
Roast New Potatoes
Assorted pastas and salads (G,E)
Beef enchiladas or chicken enchiladas with Tortilla wrap (G)
Vegetable Tortilla wrap (G)
Spicy summer vegetable couscous (G), Salad
ThursdayHunters chicken (M) or Breaded plaice (G,F)
Hunters Quorn fillets (M)
Crushed new potato, Seasonal vegetables
Spaghetti bolognaise or Carbonara (M,G)
Mixed bean (S) bolognaise
Spaghetti (GE), Homemade garlic bread (G,S,M)
FridayAssorted pizza (G) - Cajun chicken (MUS) or Hawaiian/peperoni
Jackfruit pizza
Chips, baked beans, salad
Assorted jacket potatoes
Vegetarian jacket potatoes
Cheese (M), Mixed summer salad
SaturdayAssorted filled baguettes and wraps (G)
Vegetarian and vegan fillings available
Assorted crisps and ice creams
Boarding House Choice
SundaySexey's Special Brunch
Vegetarian/vegan brunch
hash browns, baked beans, grilled tomato and mushrooms
Ploughman’s: -Roast Beef or chicken
Mozzarella sticks (G,S,M)
Roast potatoes, assorted pasta salads (G)