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Sixth Form Curriculum Statement 2019

Sexey’s Sixth Form offers post-16 provision for students progressing from Sexey’s own Year 11, those choosing to join us from local 11-16 providers and those who wish to board from further afield.

Sexey’s offers a mainly academic curriculum with 16 AS and A level subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Mathematics, English Literature, French, History, Government & Politics, Sociology, Business, Geography, Art & Design, Photography, Philosophy & Religious Studies and a BTEC diploma in Sport and Exercise Science. If interest is strong enough, we also intend to offer: BTEC Performing Arts, Film Studies, Further Maths and Geology.

Students entering Year 12 opt to choose four subjects from an option block with four columns, one subject to be chosen from each column.

Option blocks: Year 12 for 2019

Option AOption BOption COption D
PhotographyGovernment & PoliticsHistoryBTEC Sport
GeographyPsychologyBusiness English Literature
BTEC SportsArt & DesignPhilosophy & Religious StudiesFrench

In year 13 most students progress with three courses at A Level and many students also complete the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). However in some cases the programme of study may be personalised to meet the specific needs of the student.

School timetable

The school operates from Monday to Friday on a 50 period fortnightly timetable, each period being an hour long. Each AS/ A level subject is timetabled for 9 hours per fortnight. In addition the timetable offers provision for students to choose a sporting activity for up to 2 hours a week, on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. The activities on offer include rugby, hockey, football and netball, badminton, pilates, circuits, swimming, tennis, cricket, rounders, (activities vary by season). Students will also attend a fortnightly tutor session and morning registration. The school also has a termly Religion and Philosophy event.

Our mission statement stresses that we are “preparing Sexey’s students for a life in the ever-changing world of work: ensuring that they leave us with the qualifications, skills and experiences to make certain that they are ready for the next stage in their journey of lifelong learning”.

Academic success

In the Sixth Form, students make excellent progress. In exams, they achieve well above the national level published by the Joint Council for Qualifications, as follows (for 2019): A*-C 83% (Sexey’s) versus 75.8% (national), A*-B 62% (Sexey’s) versus 51.6% (national), A*-A 25% – in line with the national level (also 25%).Most students progress onto their preferred university or apprenticeship. For more information, please see here.


There is a continued focus on assessment and feedback at Sexey’s and there are protocols for assessment, marking of literacy and extended writing. At all times the focus is on supporting students to make the next steps to improve their learning. Student progress reviews occur five times a year and the data is analysed through Sisra and Alps.

Students with extra educational need

A policy for those with additional educational needs is available here. As part of the School’s Teaching & Learning Policy teachers are encouraged to use a wide range of teaching strategies to suit the learning styles of individual students.

For the subject content of the sixth form curriculum from September 2019, please click here.

Updated September 2019