Macmillan House

Opened in 1994, Macmillan is named after Old Sexeian Douglas Macmillan, who also founded Macmillan Cancer Care. Our boarding girls and boys are supervised by Housemaster Mr Golden and temporary Houseparents Miss Victoria O’Donnell and Mr Robin Bray.  They are ably assisted by Ms Scannell, Mr Deaney and Matron Mrs Hole. You can follow Macmillan’s news on Twitter @Macmillan_House.

Meet the Houseparents

Housemaster: Mr Danny Golden

Mr Golden is also Pastoral Support Assistant in the school and has a great rapport with the students who come to him with their problems both in school and in the boarding house. A keen sportsman and traveller to far-flung places, he can also be found on the slopes, taking part in the colour runs, knocking a ball about or organising a boarding trampolining trip to Bristol’s Airhop – generally, he enjoys the trips even more than the students!

Housemistress: Ms O’Donnell

Ms O'Donnell

Ms O’Donnell is highly respected and loved by all the students in Macmillan House. Her love for the welfare and safety of the children in her care is always at the forefront of everything she does. Unfortunately for the students, being an Old Sexeian herself means she probably knows all the tricks, hiding places, and excuses (or may have even invented a few of them herself).   Her dream for all of her young people is to build long lasting memories and establish relationships that will continue growing years after their time at Sexey’s.

In the first twenty-four hours of commencing in Macmillan, she knew every single one of our 75 young people by name and where they come from (which totally blew their minds). When asked how she could do that, she simply replied, “It’s a mum thing.”  Ms O’Donnell prides herself on providing those little personal touches like talking over schoolwork, having a cosy chat over a cup of tea, sitting in the dorms past lights out comforting and listening to students, or learning a new dance routine in the common room.  When it comes to believing in your child, you can rest assured that Miss O’Donnell is on it.  When she isn’t on duty, Ms O’Donnell is probably researching her next family adventure, and hopes to one day visit all the nations of our Macmillan boarders.

Housemaster: Mr Bray

Mr Bray

Mr Bray has a wealth of experience working with young people and their families. Since becoming a Senior Houseparent in Macmillan, he has forged strong relationships with the students and is always one of the first on hand to welcome them and their families back to the house after a school break. You will always find him around the house mixing and talking with the students, whether it’s in the kitchen making supper, in the common room playing table tennis or popping in and out of the boy’s dorms checking if they’re ok.  Students comment that he’s never too busy to stop what he’s doing to listen or provide some sound advice.

Matron: Mrs Lisa Hole

The first port of call for the Macmillan students’ every day living concerns, Mrs Hole keeps the house running smoothly and in ship-shape order.


Assistant Housemaster: Mr Edward Deaney

Assistant Housemistress: Ms Sarah Scannell

Ms ScannellMs Scannell is the Assistant Houseparent and also teaches Trinity Guildhall drama lessons in the school.

She has a great deal of experience working in the boarding environment, having been in charge of boarding at her last school. She has also worked as Head of Pastoral Care and Safeguarding.  Mrs Scannell went to Drama School in London, but after deciding she wasn’t cut out for inconsistent nature of an actor’s life, trained as a teacher. She taught at Mountview Theatre School, before relocating down to the South West, where she has lived and worked ever since.

She has three children, only one of whom has followed her into the theatrical world, much against her will! She loves reading, rugby and cricket, but her main personal priority, apart from her children, is her rescue dog, Dixie who is her constant companion.


Macmillan House Tutors: Mrs Linda Errington, Miss Laura Merrifield