Sociology (AQA)

This will be a new subject for most students. Sociology studies the way people behave and the way social groupings can affect their behaviour. Sociology will allow you to step back from your own interpretation of the world and develop an insight and understanding of the society in which we live and the interactions between individuals and society. Students are encouraged to develop their own sociological awareness through an active engagement with the contemporary world. At the end of this course, students will ask questions like “Why did this happen”? “How did this happen”? and “For who’s benefit did this happen”?

Students completing the course have entered university to study a wide range of subjects ranging from law, media and business studies to nursing, education and medicine.

The skills and knowledge developed in the first year of the course will be utilised and embedded within the second year of the A Level course.

Introduction to Sociology: students examine key concepts and theories associated with the study of Sociology.

Topic 1: Education with Methods in Context. Includes: the role and functions of the education system; differential educational achievement of social groups; relationships and processes within school; educational policies.

Topic 2: Research Methods and The Family. Research Methods includes: practical, ethical and theoretical issues influencing choice of topic and research methods. The Family includes contemporary family structures; gender roles and power relationships; relationship of the family to social structures and state policies; the nature of childhood; demographic trends.

Topic 3: Beliefs in Society. This topic studies religious organisations, the relationship between different social groups and religious organisations and the significance of religiosity in a contemporary world.

Topic 4: Crime and Deviance. This topic includes the study of the social distribution of crime; crime and social order; globalisation and crime and crime control.

Topic 5: Sociological Theory

Assessment: Students who complete the full A Level will have three written exams at the end of the two years:

Paper 1: Education and Theory and Methods, 2 hours, 80 marks, 1/3rd of A Level
Paper 2: Topics in Sociology (The Family and Religion), 2 hours, 80 marks, 1/3rd of A Level
Paper 3: Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods, 2 hours, 80 marks, 1/3rd of A Level

MINIMUM ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Five GCSEs at Grade 5 or above, including Grade 5 in GCSE English Language or GCSE English Literature.

Updated September 2023