French (Edexcel)

Having a language at A Level opens a wealth of opportunities in employment. International and multi-national companies are always seeking linguists to be able to work with businesses abroad. Other professions open to you would include teaching and interpreting.
Teaching in the Sixth Form consists of regular practice of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, as well as courses in grammar, translation, literature and subjects of topical interest. The four general topic areas covered during the course are: Evolving society in France; Political/intellectual/artistic culture in Francophone countries; Immigration and the French multicultural society; The  occupation and Resistance.

A Level
Paper 1: Listening, Reading and Translation
– Section A: Listening (30 marks)
– Section B: Reading (30 marks)
– Section C: Translation into English (20 marks)
Assessment: Written exam, 2 hours, 40% of A Level

Paper 2: Written Response to Works and Translation
– Section A: Translation from English into French (20 marks)
– Section B: Written response to literary texts (50 marks)
– Section C: Written response to films (50 marks)
Assessment: Written exam, 2 hour 40 mins, 30% of A Level

Paper 3: Speaking
Students complete two tasks:
– Task 1: Discussion on a Theme (30 marks)
– Task 2: Independent research presentation and discussion on that research (42 marks)

Assessment: Spoken exam (internally conducted and externally assessed), 21-23 mins (including 5 mins prep), 30% of A Level

Minimum Entry Requirements: 5 GCSEs at grade 4 or above, including grade 5 in GCSE French.

Updated September 2020