Gilbert Gabriel

Gilbert Alexander Gabriel (born 16 November 1956) is an African-English multi-instrumental musician and lyricist. He was a member of the famed English folk rock trio, The Dream Academy, which had three albums and a world-wide hit in 1985, called “Life in a Northern Town”, which he helped co-write. Gilbert Gabriel photo

He has also recorded a solo album and been a member of several bands, including The Act, Harmony Ambulance, The Believers, The Colour of Love, and Futurasound, with the latter two groups having the same lineup but entirely different musical styles. More recently he is living and playing in Krakow, Poland with his new band, The Daze. Previous projects were Melt21 and The Excellent Staircase, recordings of which remain unsigned and unreleased. Gilbert also has an unreleased album from his The Believers project that may come to be released soon. It features Ollie Childs on vocals and is said to feature a Dream Academy reunion, on the track “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want”. The song itself – originally by The Smiths – had previously been recorded by The Dream Academy nearly 20 years earlier. Dream Academy member Kate St. John also plays on the cover “Northern Sky”, a cover of the song by Nick Drake. Gilbert now lives in Krakow, Poland and continues to write and perform music with various up-and-coming artists such as Mat Shulz.

Gilbert Gabriel went to Sexey’s School in Bruton, Somerset, UK. The first band he formed was called Cosmic Storm while at Sexey’s.