Year 11 Geography Field Trip

Year 11 Geography Field Trip

The recent geography field trip to Snowdonia National Park proved to be an enriching and educational experience for our Year 11 geography students.

Over the course of three days, the students actively engaged in river studies, enabled them to witness the remarkable glacial features of Snowdonia and participate in unique activities that deepened their understanding of this stunning region.

Our students had the opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring landscapes shaped by ancient glaciers, including U-shaped valleys, moraines, and cirques.

The heart of our fieldwork revolved around river studies. They observed the intricate interactions between the river and its surroundings, learning about erosion, deposition, and the impact of human activities on river ecosystems.

The geography field trip to Snowdonia National Park was a positive experience for all involved. The students were actively engaged and displayed enthusiasm for learning about the environment. They developed strong bonds with their peers and learned to work together effectively as a team.