Library News

Library News

The beginning of this term has been very busy in the library; we have Rubiks cubes bursting out of bags with year 7 enthusiasts William and Jack demonstrating how sculptural they can be as well as great fidget toys.

Chess boards still fill the tables every break and we are joined by Ar Apps Tuesday and Thursday lunch club to challenge the most confident of players and introduce new players too.

We have been building our Amazon wish list in the hope to fill up our shelves in time for Christmas with wonderful new books. Please look out for the link coming soon. Purchasing these books as a gift to the school makes such an enormous difference. Students have been really engaged adding titles such as Enola Holmes, Lockwood and co and more anime among the most popular.

Our survey was swiftly completed by the whole school and this has helped us plan for a more inviting and useful library. Thank you for your comments everyone!

With the help of our Duke of Edinburgh’s Award volunteer, Henry T in Year 10, we have been able to update some donated books from last term and thanks to Kasie & Myla in year 9 we have a spooky book display just in time to chill our readers this Halloween.

Thank you to everyone who entered the ‘Ghost poem’ competition. I have absolutely loved reading them and getting a fright.

The winner will be announced October 31st and prizes will soon follow.

Here are some of our most ghoulish reads:

To get you in the Halloween mood here is the first entry to reach my desk.

-Melody in walls

Shadows dance across the leering walls,

Painting shivers that sprint across your arms.

Cold footsteps echo into the blood-curdling night,

What it might be? May it give you a fright.


Pumpkin juice drips down the brumal stones,

A lonely, stray bottle strolls leisurely into the endless dark void known as night.

Those footsteps loom closer and closer,

Scenic shadows return once again, striking like some poser.


Pictures of that torturous night hover in the illimitable thoughts scratching the etches of your brain,

Scarring silhouettes of the sinister catastrophe.

“It was just a joke, nothing obscene,”

There is no limit ; for what might happen on Halloween.

– Ali D, Year 10

Looking forward to seeing you all next term.

Mrs La Trobe-Bateman

School Librarian