European Day of Languages 2023

European Day of Languages 2023

To celebrate European Day of Languages on the 26th September, we all went French this year!

Students spent the day taking part in a variety of activities including quizzes, a spelling bee a French bake off ,some interhouse competitions, and best of all: the KDR serving up some delicious French cuisine.

In tutor time and in our language lessons students learnt about the French speaking world (around 230 million people, across 84 countries), are were tested on their knowledge of France, and how influential French has been on the English language.

Well done to all students who took part and a big thank you to Ms Tessier for organising such a special day in school.

The winners on the day were:


1st – Knight with 144 points

2nd – Golledge with 114 points

3rd – Hobhouse with 93 points

4th – Glynn Jones with 68 points

Spelling Bee

Year 7 – Summer H and Lottie S

Year 8 – Dora F

Year 9 – Marcus A

Year 10 – Martha D

Bake Off

Bake off (Judged by Mrs Cullen)

1st – Amelia R (Year 8)

2nd – Megan B (Year 9)

3rd – Lottie S (Year 7)

Congratulations to all the winners.