Rotary Youth Speaks Regional Senior Final Success

Rotary Youth Speaks Regional Senior Final Success

This year’s entry for the Rotary Youth Speaks competition was a team from Sexey’s Sixth comprising Emily, Archie and Zach, who chose to debate the topic ‘People enter politics for power, not to do good.’

The Rotary Youth Speaks competition challenges participants with their public speaking abilities to perform, persuade and entertain the audience with a display of wit and knowledge of a topic. In teams of three participants present arguments and points of discussion, before taking questions from the judging panel who are, themselves, skilled orators.

Rotary Youth Speaks

English Teacher Mrs Carpenter said ‘It was an absolute pleasure to watch as the team crafted their speeches and participated in the competition. On Saturday 18th March, I was delighted to accompany the team to what is now known as the ‘Cluster final’, after which come the national finals. At every stage the team were clear, coherent, passionate and knowledgeable, with a deep and highly engaging commitment to the topic of their speech. Members of the audience reflected on how exceptional it was to hear them discuss their beliefs with reference to numerous political theorists and politicians both past and present.’

All of our congratulations to Emily, Archie and Zach for their focus, drive and rhetorical skill.