Sport and Exercise Science: BTEC Diploma and Extended Diploma (Pearson)

The BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science is a vocational qualification that is made up of externally and internally assessed units.
– Externally assessed units are Units 1, 2, 3 and 13. These are written and marked by Pearson.
– Internally assessed units are written and marked by teaching staff.

The 8 unit Diploma is worth two A Levels.
The 13 Unit Extended Diploma is worth three A levels.

Both of these courses complement the work undertaken in Biology, Psychology, Maths and Sociology.

Students can expect a good progression to higher education for both courses when taken alongside other A levels (Diploma) or as a standalone subject (Extended Diploma).
Both courses can also be used for employment in the sporting industry.

Unlike A Level Physical Education most of the units you will cover are not an assessment of your physical ability, but some units do require you to take part in activities such as fitness testing, coaching and different types of training and exercise.

Example Units for Year 12 study on the Diploma
Students must complete all units, as follows:
Unit 2: Functional Anatomy: External
Unit 3: Sport and exercise Psychology: External
Unit 5: Applied research methods in sport and exercise science: Internal
Unit 9: Research Project: Internal

Example Units for Year 13 study on the Diploma
Unit 1: Sport and exercise Physiology: External
Unit 4: Field and lab-based fitness testing: Internal
Unit 6: Coaching for performance and fitness: Internal
Unit 8: Specialised fitness training: Internal

Extended Diploma Units will be completed alongside all the other units above and split between Year 12 and 13
Unit 13: Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Performance: External
Unit 10: Physical Activity for Individual and Group-based Exercise: Internal
Unit 12: Sociocultural Issues in Sport and Exercise: Internal
Unit 14: Technology in Sport and Exercise Science: Internal
Unit 15: Sports Injury and Assessment: Internal

MINIMUM ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Level 4 in Double Science or Biology, Level 4 in English and Maths.
Enthusiasm and interests in sport and fitness are essential. However, the ability to perform a sport or sports to a high level is not a prerequisite. Studying GCSE PE or another Sport based Level 2 qualification would be advantageous.

Updated September 2020