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PSA We need your help

Like all state schools, Sexey’s is facing unprecedented funding pressures. As a result, we as parents now have a vital role to play in helping to ‘plug the gaps’ and do what we can to help boost budgets, so the school continues to thrive. We need your help more than ever!

Fundraising at Sexey’s is co-ordinated by The Parent Staff Association (PSA), a group of committed parent volunteers led by Jo Lavender – Chair.

Last year we raised nearly £7,000 to fund a range of vital educational resources from field trips to library furniture to microphones. This year we want to raise much more. And we’re looking at some imaginative ways to ‘add value’ to the school as well. We understand that long meetings and coffee mornings aren’t for everyone, and many parents are too busy or too far away to commit to join the PSA. Luckily there are plenty of ways you can support the PSA to help raise money for the school that involve very little time and effort!

We’re delighted to say that within just over a week, our initial print run of a hundred mugs, has sold out (and then some)! If you placed an order, please check Parent Pay – where you should see a payment option for your order. Once payment is received/confirmed by the school finance department your son/daughter will be notified and can collect from reception, during break/lunch only please.

If you ordered a mug and are not asked for payment on Parent Pay, please bear with us! You are still in the running for a mug, at the top of our waiting list, and it will simply take a bit longer to get to you. We have just put in an order for another print run of 100 mugs – which we’re hoping will be delivered in July.

Thank you so much to everyone who has ordered mugs or helped share info about them to friends and old alumni – it was an amazing response and means we’re well on the way to raising a good little chunk of funding for outdoor furniture at the school. Please continue to share our beautiful mugs with your friends and family & encourage them to make our second print run a success too.

Our updated order form will be available again shortly & linked to in end of week emails.


Here are a few ways you can help:

Sign up to our Annual Prize Draw
At just £10/ticket, this is an easy way of donating to the school, with a chance to win great prizes in three draws a year. Click on the image below for the entry form.

Prize Draw

Join in!
Come to our fundraising events, bring your friends and spread the word. If there are ways we can improve these events, let us know!

Donate prizes for raffles or food & drink for our events
Like our new look Sexey’s PSA Facebook page to be alerted when contributions are needed. If you or someone you know has a food or drink company that needs promoting, we’re not afraid of plugging donors and their products at our events!

Share your fundraising ideas
Use the PSA Parent Survey to share your thoughts, or write to us via . We’d like to find out what type of events you’re likely to support, ways you think we can make money, what you think needs funding, and what, if anything, you can add to the mix. All ideas welcome and we’ll make full use of them in planning our on-going activities.

Other ways you can help:

Donate items on the school’s ‘wishlist’
If you are able to provide any items on the school’s annual ‘wishlist’ at ‘cost’ or for free, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Donations can be publicised in a variety of ways or be anonymous.

Sponsor or host an event
Perhaps you have access to a great venue, or expertise in event organizing yourself? Let us know.

Offer your services, skills or experience
Could you give a talk at Sexey’s? Can you help us design or edit a school publication? All suggestions welcome!

“Within our diverse parent community there is a wealth of skills, experience, contacts and resources, that properly channeled, can make our already special school truly exceptional”.

With your help, we can make this our most successful year of fundraising to date!