Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

Lower school Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) happens weekly for one period. In these sessions, students are given an opportunity to learn and discuss a broad range of topics and issues, such as financial management, healthy relationships, careers, diversity, safety, mental, physical and sexual health, digital literacy, substance abuse and identity.

The following table provides an overview of the topics studied during PSHE in Lower School. In the Autumn Term, all year groups also spend some time reconnecting, using the following themes: Catching Up, Building Emotional Vocabulary, The Five Losses, Building Resilience, The New Normal, Commemoration. Self Efficacy, Hope, Promoting Gratitude, Connectedness.

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PSHE themes by year

Tutor Time and School Assemblies

To complement our PSHE sessions, Tutors work with students on a variety of connected topics. These themes are explored further in our school assemblies:

WeekSLT Assembly ThemeTheme for Year Assemblies and Tutor Time
1Beginnings, Ethos and ExpectationsReconnecting , Beginnings, Ethos and Expectations
2DemocracyTransition Reconnecting and Mental Health
4SpaceRacism and Black History
5HomelessnessMental Health
6Who was Ada Lovelace?Poverty
7Remember Remember the 5th of NovemberLooking after each other
8Remembrance and ArmisticeScience
9Disability in HistoryAnti-Bullying Week
10Nancy AstorRoad Safety
12ChristmasModern Slavery
WeekSLT Assembly ThemeTheme for Year Assemblies and Tutor Time
14EmpathyInterfaith Understanding
15Civil RightsAnti-racism
16Robert BurnsThe Holocaust
17Understanding othersLGBTQ+
18LentSafer Internet Use
20My Favourite BookWomen in History
21British ValuesBritish Values
22The FA CupThe Commonwealth
23Palm SundayThe Joy of Music
Week SLT Assembly ThemeTheme for Year Assemblies and Tutor Time
25Who was Stephen Lawrence?
Why do we study Shakespeare?
26LeisureDealing with (Exam) Stress
27Freedom of SpeechFreedoms
28Mathematicians who Changed the WorldCelebrating Diversity
30The EnvironmentOur Environment
32Patience and UnderstandingRefugees
33What was Windrush?Law and Order
34PlasticReducing Waste
36Goodbyes and Moving OnGoodbyes and Moving On

Additional topics for Tutor Time throughout the year include: Communication, Future/Careers, Initiative, Kindness/Respect, Leadership, Living without Harm/E-Safety, Oracy, Organisation, Prepare to Perform, Resilience, Wellbeing. These are also linked to our School Seven Core Values.