ASDAN CoPE: KS4 Option Choices: Alternative Pathway

The ASDAN CoPE Level 1 course, is a two-year course with no examination. Students build a portfolio of evidence and must complete six compulsory skills during the two years along with 12 credits. Students will learn how to:

  • work as part of a team
  • problem solve
  • consider their future options
  • give an Oral Presentation on a topic of their choice
  • take part in a group Discussion and complete a research task

Students must also complete and gain 12 credits to successfully pass the course. The Sanctuary at Sexey's School

The course will involve visits to local amenities, tourist attractions and potential settings for post-16 courses.

During the two years, students will also be given strategies to support their revision; they will complete their CV and have a mock interview. This will enable them to fully prepare for ‘life’ after Year 11.

The group size for the course is very small and entry on to the course is via discussions with Miss Davey in SENDCo

Assessment of ASDAN course

Each compulsory core skill is moderated externally. Once students have completed the compulsory skill, their work will be moderated by another centre. This will ensure the standard of work produced is of the highest quality to meet ASDAN requirements.

The final moderation of Portfolios, with the 6 compulsory skills and 12 credits achieved, will take place by Easter of Year 11. This will enable students to utilise their time wisely and ensure they have the correct skills in place to meet their potential.

Special Educational Needs and Disability Opportunities/Support of ASDAN

  • High-quality teaching
  • Differentiated work and assessment with scaffolding to support students
  • Personalised w/sheet if needed
  • Seating plan to suit needs and abilities

Staff list

Miss P Davey

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