Examination results 2017

A Level

Congratulations to our A Level students for achieving school-record breaking results this year, well above the national level published by the Joint Council for Qualifications, as follows: A*-A 41% (Sexey’s) versus 26.3% (national), A*-B 69% (Sexey’s) versus 53.1% (national) A*-C 88% (Sexey’s) versus 77.4% (national).

Please read more on this in our news section here.

Chart detailing A Level results at Sexey's in 2017 versus the national figures











A list of Sixth Form leavers’ destinations can be read here.


Our students have performed well in the first year of the new GCSE examination reforms, achieving 25% A*-A (as compared with 20% nationally) and 83% A*-C grades (as compared with 66% nationally). This grading includes the conversion of the reformed numerical grades adopted in English Language, English Literature and Mathematics for the first time this year into the old style letter grades that continue to be awarded in other subjects until 2018.

Looking only at the numerical grades for English and Mathematics, Sexey’s Level 9-4 percentage is 91%, as compared with the national level of 50%. You can read more on our news pages here.

Additional statistics: GCSE

Following GCSEs 2017, Sexey’s Progress 8 score is 0.16, while Attainment 8 is 52.61. The percentage of students achieving a Level 4 (pass) or higher in English and Maths is 80%.

We are proud to announce that our Spanish, History and English Language departments all topped the County league tables for Somerset. with many others placed near to the top.

The percentage of students entering the English Baccalaureate in 2017 was 56.3%. The percentage of students achieving the English Baccalaureate in 2017 was 33%.

Key Stage 4 destinations

Percentages for 2017 are as follows:

KS4 destinations pie chart