Confidential Health and Support Questionnaire

Confidential Health Questionnaire

The information requested in this form is intended to help in the School's dealings with the pupil, and correspondence with parents. The information will be held on computer, but will be treated in strict confidence.

  • Confidential Health Questionnaire

    This medical questionnaire must be completed in full prior to start date. In order to safeguard all our students please note: Students are not allowed to carry any medication, homely, herbal or prescribed medication in school or the house. The Health Centre is easily accessible to all students, during term time and carries a wide range of homely remedies for symptomatic relief of most minor ailments. Therefore, there is no need for students to bring anything into school. If found they will be confiscated and destroyed. Students are permitted to self-administer medications; however, in all cases students must undergo a risk assessment by the Health Centre staff.
  • For the safety of Day and Boarding students

    We stock a range of homely remedies to support students when they feel unwell and so parents do not need to supply these. All medication will be given age appropriate. Please can you check the list below and consent that you are happy that these can be administered to your daughter or son by the Health Centre or House Parents when appropriate. If this section is not completed we will be unable to administer these to your son or daughter without seeking your permission.
  • Immunisation history

    Please fill in the dates as accurately as you can or request and attach a print out from your GP: If we do not have the dates, we cannot continue their childhood immunisations when they are due.
  • Immunisation and booster information

    Somerset Saint provide all school vaccinations or boosters for pupils during their time at Sexeys School. A consent form will be sent by email from Somerset SAINT and should be returned to them direct. Any questions should be sent to them direct. Sexey’s School provides the use of their hall for the vaccinations, but it is an external nurse team that comes into school to administer the vaccinations or boosters. Travel vaccines for Boarders can be arranged either through the G.P. surgery or a private clinic depending on which type of vaccination is required. All boarding students will be registered with Bruton Surgery, Patwell Lane, Bruton, so medical help is readily available while your child is with us. Should your child need to see your own local GP during the holidays or exeat weekends, then could you please state when you see the doctor that they are registered at Bruton surgery, and should only be seen as a “Temporary Resident”. In doing so, this will provide continuity of care, especially if your child is on regular medication or needs to be seen in an emergency.
  • Previous medical history

  • Health Centre Information

    All consultations are treated in a confidential manner by the doctor, health centre staff and counsellor. When a student is seen by a doctor or the Public Health School Nurse confidentiality is managed according to NHS guidelines. The Counsellor will follow their ethical code but all Staff employed by Sexey’s School have a duty of care to adhere to the School’s Safeguarding Policy, which is available on the School Website. The Health Centre is staffed by: Mrs Mora Sandiford RGN – Health Centre Manager Mrs Kathy Arnold – Health and Wellbeing Assistant Mrs Heather Sanger – Health and Wellbeing Assistant Counsellor – Mrs Carol Lesley. Routine dental and eye examinations should be made in holiday time if possible. The Health Centre provides: Advice on general health and wellbeing, Administration of Medications and arrangements for repeat prescriptions for Boarding students, Responds to sporting injuries and minor injuries Provides symptom relief for minor ailments, When appropriate compiles Care Plans for students with long term conditions, Regular health clinics, First aid cover and Counselling. Hospital referrals are made by GP surgery. Contraceptive advice is available from the Public Health School Nurse. Routine Immunisations are arranged through Somerset SAINT (School Aged Immunisation Nursing Team) and consent from parents will be obtained. There are facilities in the Health Centre for boarders who are unwell and unable to attend school. For students who are anxious or upset we provide a quiet room. When day students are unwell health centre staff will assess them and if needed will contact parents or guardians for collection from school. We are unable to send students home unaccompanied and advise that they are not left alone whilst unwell. You can contact the Health Centre on 01749 814146 or email
  • Student support

    In order for us to fully support your child when they join Sexey’s School in September, we would be very grateful if you could please complete these questions.
    (please tick all that apply)
    (Additional visit sessions can be arranged for the Summer term for students that have additional needs, who may have limited friendship links or worries/concerns about school transition).
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