Year 6 Transition 2021

Thank you for applying for a place at Sexey’s School. We are looking forward to welcoming our incoming Year 6s and meeting you all as soon as possible!

Thank you to those parents who joined us on our Virtual Transition Evening and virtual Year 6 Parent Meeting. Additional admissions information that might be of interest is as follows:

  • School uniform: Details of our school uniform for September 2021 can be found here.
  • Lockers: Information on how to reserve a locker can be found in the letter here.
  • Trinity Drama Lessons: A letter on how to apply for Trinity Guildhall lessons can be found here.
  • Instrumental and Music Lessons: A letter on how to apply for Music lessons in a range of instruments can be found here.
  • Free School Meals: Information on how to apply can be found here.
  • PSA Family Draw: We’re grateful to our wonderful PSA for all the work that they do in support of the school. To find out more about the PSA Family Draw, please see our letter here.
  • Flexiboarding and Extended Day: As we have no formal transport arrangement for buses for Lower School students, you may be interested to read more about our Extended Day and Flexiboarding offer hereYou may also find useful in terms of service bus details.

School tour

As we’ve been in lockdown, you might not have had an opportunity to look around our school yet. Our students Romy and Lilybeth are excited to show you around in our school tour video here:

Key dates

  • Wednesday 24 March: Welcome Evening
  • Wednesday 23 June: SEND Transition Day
  • Wednesday 7 July: Year 6 Induction Day and Parent Meeting

Welcome from the student leaders of Lower School

Welcome from our Year 7 Senior Prefects

Welcome from Mr McLeish, Head of Year 7

Sexey’s students’ top tips

We also asked our current Year 7s for their top tips for those starting out at Sexey’s:

Tips from Year 7 for Year 6 students

(Click here to download a pdf of this document.)

Our new Year 7 Champion, Ben, has written the following to you:

Hi Year 6’s, my name is Ben. I joined Sexey’s Year 7 back in 2015 and have experienced the challenges of each year; including the Sixth Form. As your Year 7 Champion it is my responsibility to guide you through your first year at Sexey’s and ensure you settle in well and can make the most of the year ahead. I appreciate the worries you may have: a new, larger school space, a lot more people than in Primary, it is natural to feel anxious in the first few weeks of Year 7, however I assure you that once you’re in, and you’ve started to thrive, you will be at your happiest. That’s where I come in, my role is to open up opportunities for you using my experience, and first-hand knowledge to settle any issues that may arise in the student body as swiftly and safely as possible. The next seven years for you will be the best years of your life, and although it’s probably already been mentioned to you about a million times – it really will go very, very quickly. I welcome you all into our student population at Sexey’s. Good luck, make the most out of every day and if you need anything at all, contact me on my school address or find me around school!

Mr Clackson provides parents with an overview of pastoral support at Sexey’s

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know! We look forward to welcoming you at Sexey’s!