Bristol Creative Trip

Bristol Creative Trip

 Students from GCSE and A Level Art & Photography took part in a Bristol Creative on Thursday 17th November to gain valuable firsthand inspiration for their projects. Everyone taking part visited four exhibition’s, museums and gallery spaces.  

We began with Bristol’s famous M Shed– looking into Bristol History and its many interactive displays, followed by Spike Island, where students were able to take a look at artworks by Rosemary Mayer, Ways of Attaching, showcasing some incredible fabric installations. Students also had the opportunity to view large scale fabric paintings and a documentary video. 

Our photographers explored Bristol harbour side, taking photographs of the famous cranes, Banksy artwork and surroundings. 





We next ventured to the Arnolfini to view Bharti Khers- the body is a place exhibition and Journey of the mind exploration. Students were able to physically write on the walls their thoughts, offering a unique perspective on the mind, sparking curiosity and self-reflection. 


Students also had the opportunity to explore Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, which is an impressive traditional architectural building, housing everything from Banksy artworks, contemporary and traditional artworks and photography.