Sexey’s Library Christmas Appeal

Sexey’s Library Christmas Appeal

We are so lucky to have such a well-stocked and well-used library here at Sexey’s. Students of all ages come in every day to work, check out books and unwind with a range of activities. As we all know, it can be tough to keep up with all the things our children are interested in, and with new releases emerging quicker than Harry Potter’s patronus, our new librarians, Mrs Baker and Miss Weller, would like to boost our collection, with your help.

We have curated our Sexey’s Library Christmas Appeal with an Amazon wishlist of new books and enrichment activities to add to our library. We understand that everyone reading this will be feeling an impact from the cost of living crisis, but if you feel able to make a lasting contribution to Sexey’s school library by purchasing an item on our wishlist we would be most grateful.

If you would like to buy an item, please click here.

Items can be sent direct to the school by selecting the option ‘Zoe Baker’s Gift Registry Address’. Don’t forget to include a message telling us who you are and your relationship to the school, so that we can put a dedication on your item for pupils and staff to see for years to come.

We have thought of everything, from book-related Top Trumps to heavy-hitting award-winning novels. The list caters for every age group and multiple interests. Here is a snapshot of what you can find:

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children
For all fans of the Netflix show, Stranger Things, this is the book for you! An unforgettable novel that combines spine-tingling fantasy with haunting vintage photography, it has also been made into a film. As our hero Jacob explores the abandoned bedrooms and hallways of Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, it becomes clear that the children who once lived here were more than just peculiar; they may have been dangerous. But it turns out they are the least of Jacob’s worries…


American Dirt – Jeanine Cummins

Suitable for older readers. Both an international bestseller and a publishing controversy, this novel tells the story of a Mexican bookseller making the perilous journey to the USA with her young son, in an attempt to flee gang violence in her home town. Praised for its depiction of the refugee plight and the terrible impact of powerful drug cartels, this book has also been criticised for being inauthentic and told through the lens of its white American author. We wonder what our students will think of it?

Manga collection
Did you know that you read Manga novels in the traditional Japanese way, from back to front? Whilst these books are, thankfully, not written in Japanese, Manga is an increasingly popular genre among young adults today, as much for the interesting storylines as for the striking illustrations. Sexey’s library is yet to feature any Manga, and we think it’s about time that changed!


You Choose survival books

Ever wanted to choose your own ending, or decide your own plot twists? With these books, you can! Perfect for reading in pairs or groups during break times, experiment with the different options and see if you would survive!



Chess is a very popular pastime here in Sexey’s library, so Scrabble is a logical progression. We’re sure the English department will appreciate students developing their spelling and vocabulary skills!

Thank you so much for supporting the Sexey’s Library Christmas Appeal. If you happen to have any of the books or activities pre-loved at home and you would like to donate these, we would be happy to have them!

Mrs Baker and Mrs Weller
School Librarians