National Storytelling Week 2022!

National Storytelling Week 2022!

It’s National Storytelling Week 2022! This week we will be storytelling in school by sharing stories that inspire and teach others. Storytelling is a fantastic way for people to share their own story, or even invent something entirely new – it’s also endlessly entertaining!

Our Year 7 and 8 students will be enjoying storytelling activities in the library led by students from Sexey’s Sixth.

Mrs Brind, our Librarian, has put together a ‘Name That Story’ quiz for the whole school to do – why not have a go and see how many answers you can get?

1)           A biscuit runs away and is chased by lots of people and animals. He tries to cross over a river with the help of a sneaky fox?

2)           Some hungry goats want some grass to eat and decide to cross over a little bridge?

3)           A girl leaves a princes palace at midnight and drops a glass slipper.

4)           A man plays a magic flute and rats and children following him.

5)           A fairy brings a little toy puppet to life but strange things happen when the little boy lies.

6)           A little girl visits her grandma who looks rather different. She seems to

have furry ears, big eyes and a long nose.

7)           When some pigs leave home, they decide to build their own homes but a wolf pays them a visit.

8)           A little girl is given a special cooking pot- it makes lots and lots of porridge.

9)           A witch puts a spell on a boy and turns him into a beast. He lives in a castle and falls in love with a beautiful girl.

10)         A mean fairy turns a prince into a frog! One day the frog returns a golden ball back to a princess.

11)         A mean fairy says that when a girl reaches has 16th birthday she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and fall into a deep sleep.

12)         Once upon a time a brother and sister got lost in the woods and were found by a witch who wanted to eat them.

13)         A fair maiden has to spin straw into gold with the help of a dwarf who asks for her son as payment unless she guesses his name.

14)         There once was a prince who wanted to marry a real princess so set her the test of sleeping in a very uncomfortable bed.

15)         Once an Emperor who loved new clothes and was persuaded to parade in a very chilly outfit.

16)         A boy called jack got more than him bargained for when he planted some magic beans.

17)         When some eggs hatched there was one unusual looking one who was teased for being very ugly.

Scroll down for the answers or to find out more about National Storytelling Week visit:

Don’t forget our library has a great selection of books and Mrs Brind is always happy to provide guidance and recommendations.


1)           The Gingerbread man

2)           Billy Goats Gruff

3)           Cinderella

4)           The Pied Piper

5)           Pinocchio

6)           Little Red Riding Hood

7)           The Three Little Pigs

8)           The Magic Porridge Pot

9)           Beauty and the Beast

10)         The Frog Prince

11)         Sleeping Beauty

12)         Hansel and Gretel

13)         Rumpelstiltskin

14)         The Princess and the Pea

15)         The Emperor’s New Clothes

16)         Jack and the Beanstalk

17)         The Ugly Duckling