Young speaker success!

Young speaker success!

Congratulations to the seven students who bravely took part in our Bint Shield Young Speaker Competition, organised by Mrs Carpenter.

Each of the entrants chose to put forward a 3-minute speech on their knowledge, ideas and views on one of the following subjects: the environment, social media and technology.

The judging panel was made up of Mrs Cullen, Mrs Grant and Mrs Carpenter from the English department and the speakers presented to a hall-full of students who came to support them.

Asia S, Year 11, spoke about social media as an addiction and its “mind washing of young people” to look or behave in a particular way. The judges felt that Asia’s presentation was very dynamic, showing a great deal of knowledge and was well organised and structured.

DeShawn A, Year 11, also spoke about social media and the unrealistic expectations put on young people through social media influencers. The judges were impressed with DeShawn’s speech which showed a good understanding of the subject and was very thought provoking.

Caitlin A and Bella M, Year 7, presented a joint speech on the environment and highlighted many areas to reduce our carbon footprint including the need to use public transport and using less single use plastics. Both Caitlin and Bella showed great courage in their speech and raised a very valid point that we can all try harder to protect the environment.

Cecily A, Year 7, also spoke about her knowledge and concerns on the environment and highlighted the effects of plastics in our oceans and the harm this is doing on sea creatures. The judges thought that Cecily displayed real courage and resilience in her speech and were impressed with her views.

Daniella O, Year 10, chose the subject of social media and spoke about how it can be used advantageously to raise awareness on news stories that can be missed by other media outlets. Daniella addressed the balance of social media and how it helped keep people connected through lockdown.

Harry R, Year 11, presented his 3-minute speech on technology and how it could be used to have a positive effect in schools. He showed enthusiasm and courage in stepping up to speak without prior preparation.

The judges were very impressed with all the students’ speeches and would like to congratulate them all for taking part. Asia S was chosen as the overall winner for her well thought out and dynamic presentation, but everyone taking part will receive Bint Shield points for their houses.