Great Big Geography Quiz!

Great Big Geography Quiz!

On 8th July, Mr Glover and Miss Pascoe ran the Big Geography Quiz after school for Years 7-10, with teams that were kept in socially distanced bubbles within the hall. Geography quiz

Teams were organised by the year group house captains, who are:

Year 7
Verity P-P – Knight, Amelie H – Golledge, Florence T – Hobhouse, Rosie C – Glynn Jones

Year 8
Libby F – Knight, Ashay L – Golledge, Ida F – Hobhouse, Heidi N-G – Glynn-Jones

Year 9 
Georgie B – Knight, Ruby S – Golledge, Daisy A-H – Hobhouse, Naomi A – Glynn Jones

Year 10
Niamh S – Knight, Alex E – Golledge, Isla M – Hobhouse, Millie C – Glynn Jones

The quiz consisted of 10 rounds, including:

  • Places & Landmarks
  • Rivers & Coasts
  • World Cuisine
  • Geography in the News
  • Where am I?
  • Environment & Resources
  • Fact or Fiction?
  • Pandemic Problems
  • Places & Landmarks
  • Flags & Currency

Spirits were high throughout the quiz, with students competing for points that count towards the coveted Bint Shield. Answer sheets were marked by volunteer Sixth Formers Ed G and Theo K, along with Miss Pascoe.


Congratulations to everyone who took part, with some fantastic answers yielding the following results:

Year 7:
1st Golledge
2nd Glynn Jones
3rd Knight
4th Hobhouse

Year 8:
1 – Glynn Jones
2 – Knight
3 – Golledge
4 – Hobhouse

Year 9:
1 – Golledge
2 – Knight
3 – Glynn Jones
4 – Hobhouse

Year 10:
1 – Hobhouse
2 – Golledge
2 – Knight
4 – Glynn Jones


Fancy yourself as a Geography whizz? Here is a selection of questions taken from each round of the quiz:

  1. Which European capital city has been making headlines with a nearby volcanic eruption?
  2. Name one form of transportation of sediment in a river.
  3. Which country celebrates Christmas Day with a KFC party box?
    a. USA
    b. Australia
    c. Japan
  4. Due to take place in Glasgow in November, what is the COP26 summit of world leaders about?
  5. This European country has a capital city name with four letters, and where the Stadio Olimpico is shared by two rival football teams. Where am I?
  6. What is a fossil fuel, and give an example?
  7. More than 300 languages are used in British schools today. Fact or fiction?
  8. What is the colour code system that is used to describe countries you can travel between?
  9. True or False: London is further north than New York city
  10. Name one country that uses the dinar.


1. Reykjavik, Iceland; 2. E.g. saltation, traction, bedload, suspension, 3. Japan, 4. Climate change, 5. Rome, Italy, 6. Fossil fuels are created from fossilised remains of organic material, e.g. coal, oil, gas, 7. Fact. Although there are only 14 official languages commonly spoken in the UK, more than 300 languages are spoken in reality, 8. Red Amber Green (RAG) country list, 9. True – London is 12° further north than New York, 10. Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Tunisia

How did you do?