Headteacher Challenge: Week 7

Headteacher Challenge: Week 7

During this period of lockdown, we are setting Weekly Headteacher Challenges, which are open to the whole school community to get involved.

These challenges are optional but we encourage all students to take part as all participants will receive house points, which will contribute to the Bint Shield competition. Winners will be announced in the End of Week email, and celebrated on our social media channels.

For our final week of lockdown challenges before school reopens on March 8th (inset), we’re inviting you to take part in some of the activities and events going on in school this week:

  1. National Careers Week – if you’re getting involved in any of the careers experiences outlined by Mr Thomas and Mrs Watson in their Careers Week Guide, then let us know how you found them! Email Mrs Simms and you’ll get an additional housepoint for your review or photo of you taking part.
  2. World Book Day – take part in Mrs Brind’s fancy dress competition and quiz for World Book Day on March 4th. Check out her ClassCharts announcement or ask your tutor for more details – there are prizes to be won for the winning tutor group in each year!

Have fun!