Headteacher Challenge: Week 4

Headteacher Challenge: Week 4

During this period of lockdown, we are setting Weekly Headteacher Challenges, which are open to the whole school community to get involved. Each challenge will be selected from one of three themes: ‘Head’ (or life skills challenges), ‘Heart’ (or wellbeing challenges) and ‘Hand’ (or creative challenges).

These challenges are optional but we encourage all students to take part as all participants will receive house points, which will contribute to the Bint Shield competition. Winners will be announced in the End of Week email, and celebrated on our social media channels.

Well done to everyone who took part in last week’s Challenge, and taking time to prioritise your mental health. Congratulations to Hobhouse for winning the most house points!

This week’s challenge is a ‘Hand’ or Creative Challenge. It focuses on storytelling, to coincide with National Storytelling Week (more on that in the post here). Students can choose one or both of the challenges below:

  • Think about a story you love and consider how to tell it to your family without reading it from a script. You will find some tips on how to do this here.
  • Consider drawing a scene from your favourite book, or creating a poster for it, to help you think about some of the key points in the story. Our Year 8s have been doing a lovely job of this with their Woman in Black studies in English. You might want to have a look here. Perhaps you’d rather compose some music to describe the scene?

Send recordings of your storytelling, or a note from your parents to say what you’ve done, or photos of your drawings to ssimms@sexeys.somerset.sch.uk to receive your housepoints. The deadline for entries is 3.40pm on Thursday 4th February.

Good luck! Remember to share photos of you doing your challenges with our social channels, or send them in – we’d love to see them!