Rotary Young Writer winner

Rotary Young Writer winner

Congratulations to Phoebe M, Year 10, for gaining second place in this year’s Rotary Young Writer competition. Phoebe M, rotary young writer winner

The competition is run annually and young people are asked to produce up to 550 words of fiction or non-fiction/story or poem, relating to a given theme. This year’s theme was ‘The Happiest Day’.

There are 3 age groups:- Junior [7-10 years], Intermediate [11-13 years] and Senior [14-17 years].

Commenting on her win, Phoebe said, “If I’m honest, at first I was very hesitant to enter the competition as I had never done anything like this at all. But now I am very glad I did enter and I’m very proud that I managed to produce a piece of work that won me a second place in my category!”


Her winning story, The Happiest Day, is copied below:

The Happiest Day

My heart was in my throat. I could feel drops of perspiration on the side of my face and I could hear my own heartbeat in the silence that filled the room. Anxiously I sat, my leg shaking like an earthquake. I locked eyes with the judge that was head of the room. My vision turned slowly to see the man that did it all, in a bright orange jumpsuit and handcuffs, like an animal. He was an animal.

This was the man that killed my husband.

“Guilty!” announced the judge. The sound of the gavel hit the block and it was then I knew, my husband had finally got the justice he deserved. Tears of happiness streamed my face. Exuberance flooded me like a river that had burst its banks. I took one last look at the judge he looked at me with the most kind and sympathising eyes, he smiled slightly at me giving me the final all clear that everything was okay now. This was all going to be okay. I walked out of the court where I felt so free, I no longer lived in fear. The blazing sun seemed as though it was brighter than ever and warmed up the fresh morning air. As I strolled down the street, greeting all the commuters that passed me as my heart pounded with joy. I went to our favourite coffee shop where I ordered the usual, this time with extra sugar. I left a $2 tip and wished everyone a good day in hope I could spread some of my happiness. When I got back into my apartment I collapsed onto the floor with a thud. I was paralysed with happiness. Just knowing that he behind bars and no one else could be affected the way I was made my mood lighten drastically like a child on Christmas day.