Head Teacher Challenge!

Head Teacher Challenge!

During this period of lockdown, we will be setting Weekly Head Teacher Challenges, which are open to the whole school community to get involved. Each challenge will be selected from one of three themes: ‘Head’ (or life skills challenges), ‘Heart’ (or wellbeing challenges) and ‘Hand’ (or creative challenges).

These challenges are optional but we encourage all students to take part as all participants will receive house points, which will contribute to the Bint Shield competition. Winners will be announced in the End of Week email, and celebrated on our social media channels, in addition to receiving a weekly prize.

This week’s challenge is a ‘Hand’ or Creative Challenge.

We’d like you to take a photo in response to the theme “Lockdown Life”. Share your image and a short explanation of your interpretation of the theme with us by Thursday 14th January at 3.40pm to be awarded your house point and be in with a chance of being this week’s Head Teacher’s Challenge prize winner. Images will be shared on the school website and social media so please ensure you only submit photos that are suitable for this. One entry will be accepted per person.

Good luck! We look forward to seeing your photos.