US election special

US election special

Our Politics A Level students typically learn about government and the politics of the United States of America in Year 13. Capitalising on its newsworthiness, Year 12 have also been having special lessons on the US elections, to contextualise their learning. Students have been making predictions, reflecting on the latest results as they come in, and discussing the possible implications of a Biden vs Trump win. Politics students engaged in discussion about US Elections

Canvassing their opinions, the Year 12s are already au fait with the main topics of contention in this election. They discuss the relative legitimacy of postal voting, highlighting the implications of Trump’s recent defunding of the USPS, the US postal service. They question whether – at this stage – it really matters who wins, if the effect is civil war, or demonstrations of violence. Students reflect on their own predictions a few weeks ago, before counting started – of a Trump win by electoral vote (with Biden winning the popular vote). They discuss the likelihood of Trump now retaining the Presidency as the final votes are counted.

Commenting, Cat J, Year 12 said, “I think Trump losing will prove a massive hit for the Republicans’ power in America. But we are afraid that the democratic spirit of America is threatened by this presidential election – in the event that his followers may turn violent should he lose.”

Politics at Sexey’s Sixth

Becky F, Year 12 added, “It’s been so useful to learn about the US elections in our Politics class while it’s happening in real life, so that we can talk about it with friends and read different perspectives in the news. It really helps to bring the syllabus to life and shows the relevance of the subject today.”

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Head Girl Alice M advised, “My advice for students starting to study Politics is to absorb as much different media and points of view as you can around a topic, from twitter to apps to newsites – you can only debate a point well if you know all sides of the argument. Mr Carpenter and the Politics and History team will be able to suggest places for you to start looking.”

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