A Level Results 2020

A Level Results 2020


Sexey’s Sixth Form students celebrate superb progress despite year of uncertainty for A Level examinations nationally

Bruton, 13 August 2020: In a year of uncertainty brought about by COVID-19, Sexey’s Sixth Form students are celebrating another set of outstanding A Level results, with students particularly celebrating their individual progress achieved at A Level.

While this cohort of Year 13 students have not sat physical examinations as a result of national lockdown, they were welcomed into school today in a socially distanced manner to collect results that were determined by Centre Assessment Grades (CAGs) assigned by their teachers, with a national adjustment by the Department for Education (DfE). Female student celebrates a level results with parents

Commenting, Mrs Helen Cullen, Headteacher at Sexey’s School said, “We are tremendously proud of our students’ resilience in such an extraordinary year, and of the grades that they have gained. One of the most valuable measures to us is the progress a student makes during their time at Sexey’s Sixth. It prepares them for a journey of life long learning and it is a measure in which our sixth form has historically excelled. I’m delighted to say that is again the case in 2020, with the average progress a student makes exceeding not only last year’s figure but also this year’s cohort’s target, giving us an ALPS score of 1*.”

She continued, “We are also delighted that the vast majority of our students have been awarded the CAGs projected by their teachers – something that we understand from the news has not been the case nationally. This was a significant piece of work for all my staff and I am grateful to them for their professionalism and commitment to their students during the coronavirus lockdown period. Through our robust internal measures staff have ensured that student’s CAGs truly reflected what they were capable of achieving had they been able to sit their exams. My thanks goes to Mr Dalzell, Assistant Head – Curriculum, Data and Standards who led this key piece of work to ensure all results submitted were robust and fair.”

University progression

This year Sexey’s Sixth has seen many young people make the decision to defer University for a year based on the uncertainty of COVID-19. However, 100% of the students who elected to progress to university, achieved their places.

Mr John Moise, Director of Sexey’s Sixth said, “We are delighted that students at Sexey’s continue to apply to and progress to Russell Group universities, with 60% of the cohort in Year 13 this year doing so either in September 2020 or September 2021. Although many students at Sexey’s do progress onto university, several also choose Apprenticeships and I am delighted that their A Level results will facilitate them progressing on to their chosen programmes.”

He continued, “We are delighted that these A Level results will open the doors for these wonderful young people to progress onto the next stage of their lives. As always we celebrate all students’ results and each year there are always some truly spectacular results. This year is no different with four students in particular having lots to celebrate.” Congratulations to:

  • David Clackson (Bruton Primary and Sexey’s School), who achieved A*A*A* and is progressing on to Bristol University to study Mechanical Engineering
  • Amy Cotterill (Frome Community College and Sexey’s School), who achieved A*A*A* and is progressing onto Bristol University to study Biochemisty
  • Arthur Hyde (Ansford and Sexey’s School), who achieved A* Distinction* Distinction* and is progressing to the University of York to study Psychology
  • Sam Hilton Jones (King Arthur’s and Sexey’s School), who achieved A*A*A and is progressing to University of Southampton to study Maths

Commenting on his success, Arthur Hyde said, “I am absolutely delighted with my results – it’s been a really difficult few months with lockdown and being unable to sit exams. I’m now looking forward to going to university and am intending to do a law conversion course after that.”

Head Girl Camilla Dukes added, “It’s been a nerve-wracking time for all of us but I’m so proud of all of Sexey’s Year 13s. Thanks to all of our teachers for their support during a really strange time. I’m looking forward to going to Durham University in September 2021 and continuing on my year-long internship at IBM for the remainder of this year.”

Value added success

We also celebrate the success of individuals who have made the most significant progress at A level from GCSE results to A Level results. These are students who have benefited from the exceptional pastoral care within Sexey’s Sixth, led Mr Moise (Director of Sixth Form) and Mrs Elliott (Head of Years 12 and 13). This support, together with strong staff and student relationships alongside the high aspirations we have of our students ensures that each and every student achieves or exceeds their potential. Well done to Eliza Williamson and Jonny Hull who were the students who made the most progress across the two years at Sexey’s Sixth. Students celebrate a level results outside sexey's school bruton

Mrs Helen Cullen, Headteacher, added, “I would like to thank the staff who have worked so hard to support and encourage these young people. Through their commitment and exceptional teaching and learning, they have provided these young people with a sixth form experience that will prepare them for life beyond school. This group of students have been wonderful and many have played a key role in the school. I know each and every one of them has a very exciting future ahead and we wish them all the very best.”


* ALPS (A-level Performance System) is a system that allows schools to get a measure of the value they add to a pupil’s A level performance compared to what might be expected of them following their previous academic performance at GCSE. Outcomes are graded from 1-9 (with 1 being the highest) to show performance against national benchmarks. Find out more at https://alps.education/how-alps-works/.