New student leadership team appointed!

New student leadership team appointed!

We are delighted to announce that after a long selection process involving application submission and interviews with members of the Senior Leadership Team, we have appointed our student leaders for the academic year 2020-2021.


Congratulations to Albert Steele, Head Boy and Alice Mabey, Head Girl who excelled during the interview process. They will be ably supported by Louis Tether and April Russell as Deputy Head Boy and Girl respectively.

Sixth Form Senior Prefects (and responsibilities)

  • Harrison McNairn – Upper School Sixth Form Senior Prefect
  • Imogen Paige – Chair of Sexey’s Parliament
  • James Philp – Chair of the Bint Shield Committee
  • Elsie Swan-Stevens – Senior Prefect in charge of Charities and Events
  • Latifa Uddin – Lower School Sixth Form Senior Prefect


  • Jasmine Allen
    Tiffany Chung
    Isabella Clarke
    Alexander Foster
    Lizzie Ingram
    Nicholas Nicolle
    Paige Rowsell


Congratulations also to Rosie Goffe, Lower School Head Girl, and Henry Ryan, Lower School Head Boy. They will supported by Lydia Steele, Deputy Head Girl and Senior Prefect for Boarding, and Tom Ford, Deputy Head Boy and School Parliament Vice Chair, as well as a team of Senior Prefects with specific roles, as follows:

  • Hal Andjel Davies – Senior Prefect for Boarding
  • Zach Balls – Year 9 Senior Prefect
  • Anna Crichton – Year 7 Senior Prefect
  • Emily Dillon – Community Senior Prefect
  • Erin Hazell – Year 10 Senior Prefect
  • Colette Mason – Charities Senior Prefect
  • Daisy Spicer-Ralfe – Year 8 Senior Prefect
  • Rosie Straker – Bint Shield Senior Prefect

Bint Shield prefects (responsible for promoting whole school competition towards the Bint Shield):

  • Imogen Bartin
  • Lucy Hilton Jones
  • Melissa Lee
  • Taylan Ross Greek
  • Oscar Simms Preston
  • Jemima Sparrow
  • Oscar Sudworth
  • Finlay Wilson

Year 7 tutor group prefects:

Velvet Cook, Phoebe Marsh, Archie Sykes, Emma Wood

Year 8 tutor group prefects:

Jemima Fowler, Ben George, Jesse Gill, Zachary Woodham

Year 9 tutor group prefects:

James Carr, Izzie Love, Zachariah Markusson, Kamini Patel

Year 10 tutor group prefects:

Nicholas Coombes, Tom King-Brain, James Macey, Malika McKenzie

Commenting on the appointments, Mrs Helen Cullen, Headteacher, said, “I am incredibly proud of all of the students who took part in the selection process for the Leadership teams. The standard was tremendously high. We have a fantastic group of students who will be working hard over the next year to maintain and promote our seven core values and continue to make Sexey’s School a wonderful place to work, learn and live. I look forward to working with them all very much.”S