Latest FFT data

Latest FFT data

We’re pleased to share our most recent report from FFT Aspire, the not-for-profit organisation providing education data, analyses and research to schools, local authorities & government.

This report specifies the progress made by feeder school students (in our case, Bruton Primary) throughout secondary school, to GCSE.

35% of our 2019 GCSE cohort came from Bruton Primary and we are pleased to celebrate their successful progress. The data illustrates that we have helped them make above national levels of progress of +0.37 (37% more value) compared to similar schools, with an Attainment 8 figure of 49.9, again above national average (which was 45).

The GCSE results from 2019 ranked Sexey’s as the top performing state school in Somerset, based on its English Baccalaureate (EBacc) average point score (5.01), and in the top three schools in Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire by that measure. We were also in the top six state schools in Somerset and Dorset for Progress 8 (fourth in Somerset). The school’s headline data is:

  • Progress 8 score: +0.2 (National Average 0.0)
  • Attainment 8 score: 52 (National Average 45)

Commenting, Mrs H Cullen, Headteacher said, “This is a fantastic achievement and we thank Bruton Primary for all that they do to prepare their students so well for life at secondary school. Their students are taught to imagine, believe and therefore achieve, and have built strong foundations that we can build on. We look forward to the new cohort joining us in September.”