Preferred school choice – lost out on National Offer Day?

Preferred school choice – lost out on National Offer Day?

Help! I haven’t got my preferred school choice – what do I do now?

As today (March 2nd) is National Offer Day, many parents across the UK are asking the same question. What do I do if my preferred school choice application is rejected?

Practical information on how to reverse the decision successfully via the school admission appeals process can be found in a helpful article by the Daily Telegraph, published here. Information on next steps for Somerset can be found on the Local Authority website here.

Notably, appeals may not take place until summer, by which time you may want to have your school place sorted. Statistics show that one in three appeals are successful.

Consider state boarding on national offer day

State boarding at Sexey’s is an alternative option if you are refused your preferred day school choice. This could apply to you for any of the following reasons (among many more):

  • You want your child to experience a state school education, but don’t feel that the local alternatives are as good fit for your child as your preferred choice
  • You have identified Sexey’s as the school you want your son or daughter to attend/join but haven’t managed to secure a day place
  • Independent school education for your child is not an option, either as a day pupil or boarder. Our fees can be a third of that of an independent school
  • You want to make the most of the benefits boarding at Sexey’s offers: fresh country air, in-house swimming pool, wide range of extracurricular and boarding activities, easy commute from London, Bristol and Bath, excellent examination results, fantastic sports, art, drama and music
  • You are busy parents looking to ease the logistics of after school clubs and provide your child with a stable, caring and consistent environment outside of school hours
  • Consequently, we are still conducting Year 7 boarding interviews for September 2020. For more information, please contact me, Mrs Sarah Stallion (Admissions Officer), by email or phone 01749 814101.

Our Boarding Open Morning is on Saturday 2nd May 2020 – register here.