Bespoke mural unveiled

Bespoke mural unveiled

Today we unveil our bespoke mural by local artist Steph Myler, following a collaboration over Christmas. The mural is designed to inspire our students to explore their creativity and draws upon Steph’s interest in both the Pop Art & Op Art movements. Steph M, pop up artist

Steph Myler is a painter who creates vibrant geometric abstract works. Often the content of her work is a common object or scene. This is pared back to its essential elements and re-imagined from a more geometric ‘digital’ viewpoint. The underlying narrative through all her work is to challenge the relationship between the natural world and the industrial/digital one of our own creation.

Inspiration for Sexey’s School

Steph created a scene on the main wall of our Art Department that depicts a geometric woodland. You can see hills and forests pictured in the distance. Then, a large river cuts through the landscape. Around the corner the river pans out, carrying sawn logs downstream. These are banked by early agricultural scenes, reflecting known historical practices of companion planting, for example, squash, corn & beans. A grey diagonal and zig-zag motif symbolises the saw and paper mills of more industrial times. The next panel features a large pile of books. This reflects the dawn of the printing press and the start of the information age. The final panel showcases the tech age with a scanner (and book within), linking through to a 3D printer about to finish printing a carrot.

Comments from the artist

DT aspect of bespoke muralSteph Myler, Artist, said, “I wanted to create a vibrant, fun space that would help inspire the students to explore their creativity. At the same time, I thought it was important for the mural to contain elements from all the subject areas taught in that area of the school (Art, Graphic Design & Food Technology) to promote an inclusive environment.

“It was a great project – a fantastic opportunity to showcase my style of bold geometric painting across a large scale. So, I must thank Sexey’s School for letting me loose on their walls! And it’s been lovely to hear all the fantastic comments from students and staff so far.” Food Tech aspect of bespoke mural

Commenting, Mrs R Knee, Art and Photography teacher, added: “I approached Steph because we felt her bold style would work well in the Creative Arts block at Sexey’s. She immediately understood our vision for having something that would inspire our students in using their creativity, and even taking that forward into their future careers. Steph has worked tirelessly to produce something wonderful that our Sexeians will enjoy for years to come.”

For more information and viewings

You can see Steph’s work by private tour on request or at our Boarding Open Morning, Saturday 2nd May, 2020, 10am.