Politically engaged Y10 denounces housing plans

Politically engaged Y10 denounces housing plans

On Tuesday 19th November, Year 10 student Izzie L was invited by Bruton’s Town Council to address South Somerset District Council’s Regulation Committee, to voice her opposition to a high density housing development proposed by the river in Bruton (Brewham Road).

Members of the Council including Mayor and Head Councillor Ewan Jones had previously been impressed with Izzie’s strength of conviction regarding the environmental crisis we are facing and about road safety for herself and other Bruton children walking to and from school. They invited Izzie to speak, stressing the power and importance of involving children in Council and Government issues.

Izzie says, “It was very nerve-wracking, standing up in front of the Council to voice my views, but I’m very passionate about this issue so wanted to try to make a difference. I’m opposed to the building of 60 new houses in the woods on my walk to school, largely because of the environmental impact it will have, digging up the trees there. It’s a pretty area by the river and we used to play there when we were younger. I also feel that the development would make my walk to school more dangerous.

“While I got a great reaction and a large round of applause, we unfortunately lost. But we’re not going to give up and will be making appeals. I hope that I get more opportunities to have my say in local politics and speaking up for what I believe in the future.”

Headteacher Mrs Cullen added, “It’s impressive to see our young people involved in politics, standing up for what they believe and making their voices heard. Well done Izzie!”