Psychology visits

Psychology visits

This term, our A Level Psychology students have been visited by a couple of experts in their fields as part of the enrichment programme. Our students report from the visits:

Visit from Dr Carrie Schuster, Psychotherapist

On Tuesday 3rd October , Dr Carrie Schuster, a Psychotherapist, came in to School to talk to Y12 and Y13 Psychology students. It was inspiring to hear about how she has helped people of various ages through psychological illnesses such as PTSD, OCD and clinical anxiety. She described treatments that added to what we have learnt in class such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and she also introduced an intriguing therapy known as EDM-R. This therapy is used to target specific traumatic events and allow clients to reprocess their associated feelings of these memories with a more positive light. I found that what she is able to achieve whilst also making sure the emotional stress of her job does not consume her is simply remarkable.

By Jocasta Fay, Y13

Visit from Katie Rowland – Kings College London

Katie Rowland from King’s College London came to talk to the A Level Psychology students on Tuesday 16th October. She is part of a research team investigating how young people’s social experiences and relationships with others may link to mental health difficulties and disorders, such as symptoms of depression, anxiety and eating disorders. The Psychology students listened with interest to the path Katie took to become a researcher and are excited to be given the opportunity to take part in this research project next term. Taking part in the research will involve completing questionnaires relating to social experiences, worries, mood, anxiety and eating behaviours along with computerised tasks relating to social experiences and social relationships. Participating in the research will bring to life the research methods component of the A Level Psychology course that all students have been learning about this half term.

Written by Maddie Spicer-Ralph, Y13