Pupil Premium and catch up

So that we our complying with Ofsted’s recommended guidelines as to what should be published on a school website with regards to its Pupil Premium funding, there are links below to the following documents:

Pupil Premium Budget 2020-21 – this details how much pupil premium funding we have received this year and where it has been allocated.

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2019-20 to 2021-22 – this details:

  • our longer-term approach to planning the use of our Pupil Premium funding using the recommended three year strategy (which we will review on an annual basis, every September)
  • our three tiered approach to effective Pupil Premium spending focusing on teaching, targeted academic support and wider strategies; drawing on an evaluation of the effect that Pupil Premium had on our students for the previous academic year including impact made and lessons learned

Pupil Premium Budget 2019-20 – this details how much Pupil Premium funding we received last year and where it was allocated.

More information is available here.

Sexey’s School Catch Up Documents

View our Covid Catch Up Policy

View our Coronavirus Catch Up Funding document