Admissions Policies

When applying for admission to Sexey’s parents must be aware that as a Church school, which welcomes applications from all faiths and denominations, the Governors and Headteacher will expect children attending the school to participate in the Christian life and daily act of worship, and embrace the ethos of the school.

Consultation on Admission Arrangements

Further to our recent consultation regarding the admissions arrangements for Sexey’s School, please find attached the amended policy for 2022-23.

Changes have been made in response to the consultation and include:

  • a catchment map as an appendix,
  • clearer definition of sixth form numbers,
  • oversubscription criteria revised (the criteria is now shown only once within the document and is the same for Year 7 initial applications and for in year applications),
  • references to the Supplementary Information Form have been removed as this form is no longer used,
  • changes have also been made to the boarding application form to include a clearer SEN question.


Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on appeals

The Appeals Team at Somerset County Council (which administers the school admission appeals) is arranging for all school appeals to take place in accordance with the emergency regulations which are in force until 30th September 2021. Face-to-face hearings cannot take place due to government restrictions and appeals are currently being considered by the Appeal Panel on the basis of written information provided by appellants and the school. The Appeals Team will write to appellants and explain how their appeal will be determined by the Appeal Panel under the temporary arrangements.

Details of how to make an appeal via Somerset County Council are available here. This includes a link to the most up to date Appeals Timetable and Appeal form.