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The school seeks to be a structured, well-ordered society in which individual freedom is exercised within the framework of a simple, clear and universally applied Code of Conduct; courtesy and common sense are seen to be essential to the framing and enforcement of this.  Breaches of discipline are dealt with promptly, in the first instance by the teacher concerned.  Beyond this, Heads of Departments, the Deputy Heads and the Headmaster may be involved. Senior pupils are appointed as Form Prefects, Boarding House Prefects and School Prefects with appropriate authority delegated to them by the Headmaster.

All members of the school community have a responsibility for health and safety and the welfare of others and themselves. Anyone whose conduct puts others at risk will be considered to be in breach of the school’s Code of Conduct/rules. All students are expected to familiarise themselves with the Code of Conduct and the school’s Behaviour and Pupil Discipline Policy ladder which is displayed in the boarding houses and the main school. Ultimately students are expected to take responsibility for their actions. The Behaviour and Discipline Policy is provided separately to parents on their child’s admission to the school – a copy is available on the website.
All conduct which tends to bring discredit upon the School, whether on the school premises or elsewhere, will be treated as a breach of the school rules. It is the responsibility of the Headmaster and the Deputy to ensure that all sanctions are effective, consistent, and fair with reference to the Behaviour & Pupil Discipline Policy. When a pupil's behaviour is causing particular concern the school will seek to involve the parents at the earliest appropriate time.
All students, whether day or boarding, who are on the school site, regardless of the time of day are subject to school rules. Students who choose to be on the school site, choose to abide by the School rules.

Restorative Justice

On occasions when conflict occurs between individuals it is often as a result of inconsiderate and thoughtless action on the part of an individual. As a learning community we seek to teach pupils how to get along with each other, to respect each other and to resolve conflict positively when it occurs. Whilst punitive measure may need to be imposed, Restorative Justice is a key tool at Sexey's in managing conflict and in principal offers a more inclusive process that seeks to resolve issues in a way that a sanction or punishment does not. Restorative Justice gives priority to repairing the harm done to victims and communities. Offenders are held accountable for their behaviour and actions, assuming responsibility for and taking action to repair the harm caused.



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