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Sexey’s School aims to provide an education that offers students the best possible opportunity to attain their potential.  With the assistance of the support staff, the governors and the parents, the teaching staff of the school are here to create the circumstances for this to happen.


In order that the foregoing should happen, it is essential that every one of us is:

considerate    respecting everyone else as an individual; making sure our words and our actions do not cause inconvenience to anybody;
courteous    being polite and helpful at all times;
co-operative    being willing to work together;
committed    being involved and determined;    
friendly    being on good terms with each other;
hard working    doing our best;
trusting    accepting that others are genuine in their wish to help;
responsible     being reliable and accountable for our actions; behaving as part of a community.


This means that in practice we should all do the following:

be punctual    avoid late arrival,  do things on time;
speak considerately    avoid shouting, swearing and the use of offensive language;
be ready for lessons    have the necessary  materials and work;
clear up    after lessons, meals and prep;
move in an orderly way     avoid running and hold doors open for other people;
be kind    offer help politely and with good grace;
respect the environment    furniture and buildings;  plants and animals.

Appendix B to Behaviour Policy


School rules apply at all times from the start of each term, when a student first arrives on the school site until the end of term when they leave the school site under the responsibility of a parent or guardian.

Day Students
School rules apply at all times during the school day or whilst a student is in school uniform in a public place, on the school site or participating in an activity organised by or for the school, whether this is on or off the school site. Day students should be mindful that their behaviour on the way to and from school reflects on the image of the school and that the school may choose to take action when their behaviour falls below the standards expected.


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