History at Sexey’s is challenging and engaging at all levels and we strive for excellence from Year 7 to Year 13. Our examination results are consistently strong at A Level and GCSE, reflecting the development of student skills across the key stages.

The curriculum at KS3 is designed to give our students a sense of curiosity about the past whilst developing the investigative and literacy skills that they will need at GCSE and beyond. We are passionate about fostering a genuine knowledge of and interest in the key historical events contained in the national curriculum and believe strongly in adopting an enquiry approach to learning.

Experiencing history outside of the classroom is important and the Department runs a number of trips at home and abroad. Year 10 is currently visiting Montecute House and we are in the process of planning another trip to the Battlefields of WWI in November 2018.

Each year group, 7 – 9, will explore the key themes of the National Curriculum through a series of key questions. In addition, each year we select a Hot Topic that may reflect topical events such as women getting the vote (Year 9) and the centenary of the end of the Great War (Year 9).

Year 7:

The Medieval Realms 1060 – 1485: From Hastings to Bosworth – this covers topics of power and control; the survival of monarchy; how people lived; health and disease; the Tudors.

Year 8:

The Making of the UK 1603 – 1750; Britain 1750 – 1900 including the Civil War, developments in democracy, industrialisation and the consequences of urbanisation; Empire and the slave trade.

Year 9:

The Suffragettes; WWI; the rise of dictatorship and WWII; Holocaust; Origins of the Cold War

At GCSE, History continues to be a popular option. We aim for the highest success in examinations and ensure that students of all abilities are given the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

The Department has a good record with regards to value added, for both sexes, and recent GCSE outcomes have been excellent: 81.5 % A* – C with nearly a third 31% achieving A/A* grades in 2016.”

Our current course is the AQA History Syllabus (8145).

Units include a British Depth Study on Elizabethan England, Medicine and Health since the Middle Ages (a development study of change, progress and key turning points), Germany 1918-1945 and the Origins of the Cold War 1945-72.

Updated Summer 2017