Sexey's School's Special Educational Needs Offer

At Sexey’s, we believe that all young people should be able to achieve their very best. Some of our students need additional help to learn. This is often known as Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

We keep a register of students who require additional help to learn. This register includes all students with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) or Statements as well as any students with identified additional needs who are not meeting the national age related expectations. We will work with the students, teachers, parents and carers as well as outside professionals to ensure these students get the best possible help. As a mainstream secondary school, this help can be part of our normal inclusive Sexey’s lessons or in additional specialised lessons or provision.

In line with the ‘Children’s and Families Bill’, schools are now required to publish their own ‘SEN Offer’. This document explains Sexey’s SEN provision in response to questions put forward by Somerset Parent Partnership.

Read Sexey’s SEND Local Offer 2018-19 here.

See further information on Somerset Choices here.

Key SEND Information for Parents


  • Mrs P Howes – Special Educational Needs & Disabilty Coordinator
  • Mrs S Bailey – KS4 Support, ELSA
  • Ms J Budd – TA – KS3 & 4 , Lead ELSA
  • Mrs J Carr – TA – KS3 and KS4 Support
  • Mrs D Day – Pupil Premium and SEND Administrator
  • Mrs M Hardy – Teaching Assistant KS3 & 4 Support
  • Ms J How – Interventions Manager
  • Mrs R Guest – TA – KS3 & 4
  • Mrs J Nichols – TA – KS3 & 4

Additional interventions and resources:
Sexey’s offers the following additional interventions to students who meet the county-set criteria:

  • Catch-Up Numeracy Intervention
  • IDL Cloud intervention
  • Emotional and Social Support (Small Groups)
  • S3 – a room dedicated to the support of our more vulnerable students. Students are welcomed before school, break and lunch time to work with our teaching assistants and 6th form support team.
  • Prep @S3 Tuesday – Thursday 15:45 – 16:45

We also work with YoungMinds, a national charity committed to improving the mental health of all children, providing advice about depression, eating disorders, and other mental health issues affecting children: see website for details.

SEND documents and Policies

SEND_Policy 2018
SEND Offer 2018-19


Updated Sept 18