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Sexey's is a Church of England school and our values are broadly based on the positive aspects of the Christian ethos.  However a Sexey's education is very much focused on the holistic development of the person and students are not dogmatised but encouraged to seek their own answers to questions concerning religion, life, self and their place within the bigger picture. 

At Sexey's we aim to promote each child's spiritual development by growing the intrinsic human capacity for self transcendence to create an awareness that they are embodied within something greater than themselves.  This may be achieved directly through religious experience or through other experiences that transcend the mundane such as art, nature, music and sport. 

These experiences propel a search for connectedness, meaning, purpose and contribution within each students world, shaped both within and outside religious beliefs, traditions and practices.  At Sexey's we recognise that, like cognitive, emotional and physical development, spirituality is a universal development process that goes beyond the boundaries of a single culture or religion.  With this in mind it is important that students are given the opportunity to integrate received doctrine and beliefs with their own developing experiences, emotions, feelings and actions to ensure that they feel spirituality and religious belief are relevant to their lives.

A Sexey's student should question and consider for themselves what they hold sacred and what spirituality and religion mean both to and for them.  We encourage students to realise it is alright to say 'I don't know' in the face of uncertainty and we encourage them to feel secure in that state of questioning unknowing.

Sexey's has it's own chaplaincy team, headed by Mr Kelley, who leads collective worship and is always available to meet and discuss with students who wish to explore aspects of faith or spiritual issues.  The school also has its own purpose built chapel in the Rex Waller building where students are able to spend time in quiet reflection or take part in services.  We have close links with both the Diocese of Bath and Wells and St Mary's Church in Bruton, with all boarders attending regular sunday services there. Through the year we run confirmation classes and less formal Youth Alpha courses for those who want to find out more about Christianity. The chaplaincy team also run weekly meetings for students who want to develop their faith.

Rev. Justin Bailey from St Mary's also sits on the schools governing body and takes an active role in the school's chaplaincy team.

Whilst Sexey's is a Christian school in ethos and values we believe in freedom of thought, and opportunities for self development through experience are paramount.  As a result we are open to the exploration of all ideas and attempt to promote an environment in which students feel safe to explore their spiritual and emotional needs as they search for meaning, joy, contemplation and connectedness as part of their initiation into adult life.  By cultivating students interests and passions we aim to give learning meaning and purpose and this ethos extends to the spiritual aspects of the school.  Promoting Christian values of compassion, empathy, mindfulness and altruism empower our students to forge positive relationships and engage meaningfully with the world beyond Sexey's.


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